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Before Treatment

Q. Will I be tested for smoking at anytime?

A. Yes you will be tested for carbon monoxide at certain intervals during your each treatment cycle. Both partners must be smoke free before and during treatment.

Q. Will my BMI be checked at anytime? 
A. Yes we will check your BMI at regular intervals throughout each treatment cycle.

Q. What times can I phone to ask advice? 
A. You can call at anytime during the department’s opening times, however there may not always be someone available to speak to you at this time, please leave a message on the voicemail and someone will return your call.

Q. Do I need to attend the department every day for injections? 
A. The daily injection is easy to administer and a nurse will teach you how to do them. We will also provide details of how to access further instructions on injection techniques electronically such as you tube.

Q. Are the injections painful? 
A. Patients do not complain that the injections are at all painful.

Q. Is the egg retrieval procedure painful? 
A. Patients are given sedation by anaesthetists prior to the egg retrieval procedure and should therefore be very comfortable throughout the procedure.

Q. Do I need to take time off work? 
A. You will require the day of your egg retrieval off work and some time to have your embryo transfer. However, if you feel well you can go to work normally at any other time.

Q. I have started my period and want to book treatment.
A. Phone 0141 211 5671 during normal working hours to speak to the admin team