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After treatment

Q. Is bed rest recommended following embryo transfer?
A. No, there is not any evidence to suggest that bed rest following embryo transfer improves pregnancy rates.

Q. Can I fly? 
A. Yes, there is not any evidence that flying affects pregnancy rates following embryo transfer.

Q. Can I have a dental X-ray? 
A. You should inform your dentist you are having fertility treatment and he will advise you accordingly.

Q. Can I colour my hair? 
A. Yes, there is not any evidence that colouring your hair affects pregnancy rates following embryo transfer.

Q. If I bleed before my pregnancy test should I contact the department? 
A. No, continue with the medication you have been prescribed and perform your pregnancy test on the recommended date. If you have a positive test, then contact the department as we may wish to assess you further.

Q. If I experience any symptoms of Ovarian Hyperstimulation syndrome should I seek medical assistance? 
A. Yes, if you have any symptoms of OHSS you should contact the department and we will provide you with advice or arrange for you to attend the department for assessment by one of our doctors.

Q. If I have had a positive pregnancy test do I continue on my medication? 
A. If you had a fresh embryo transfer you do not need to continue on any medication, unless prescribed by a consultant.

If you have had a frozen embryo transfer you should continue on Progynova tablets & vaginal progesterone until the 12th week of pregnancy.

If you were having IUI and were on nasal spray you should stop your nasal spray.

Q. I have had a positive pregnancy test but have had some bleeding/spotting/discharge, what should I do?
A. If the bleeding is not heavy, please phone 0141 211 5672 and leave your name, phone number and brief message and a nurse will phone you on or before the next working day. However if the bleeding gets heavier or you start to become unwell attend your nearest A&E.