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Campaign Chat

Campaign Chat

We want people to get talking and spread the word far and wide to help boost the campaign.

You can email us your comments about the campaign, or about homophobia in general.

To kick off, have a look at what some of you have said so far...

Homophobia is a blight on our society and has no place in the world. I think we all have a responsibility to be able to let people be who they are, regardless what colour, creed, religion or sexuality. Sexual discrimination can never be tolerated in any form, and that's why, "I'm taking a stand against homophobia".
Graeme Clark,
Singer / Song Writer (formerly Wet Wet Wet)

"Fantastic campaign to wipe out homophobia in the NHS! We are Trainee Clinical Psychologists, in our second year of training on the doctorate course at Glasgow university. We are contracted within NHSGGC and work with various vulnerable groups. We all feel very strong about the issue of homophobia and are appalled at the statistics relating to victims of homophobia".

Clinical Psychology students

I have two wonderful children, two beautiful girls, I do not know what their sexuality is and all I know is how much I love them. If I do not condemn and attack Homophobic intolerance, I could be party to creating a world where girls and boys like my children are abused physically and verbally for nothing other than their sexuality, I can not stand by and allow that to happen. All I know is that two things make the world a better place, laughter and love, and as a dad and a comedian I want to see and feel more of both. I, and all decent people want tolerance and understanding as the norm in our NHS, for all who work in it and all who depend on it.
Patrick Rolink,

In our work, promoting health in the workplace setting, the team do all we can to promote fairness and equality. By holding employment law seminars and advising workplaces we hope to play our part in changing Glasgow & Clyde's working culture to one that is supportive to all employees, whatever their sexual orientation.
Lisa Buck,
Health At Work Team

"It’s about time we took a stand against homophobia. We have no right to discriminate against someone because of their sexual orientation, any more than we have the right to discriminate against someone because of their age, race or gender."
Jackie Erdman,
Corporate Inequalities Team
"Everyone using or working for the health service has the right to be treated fairly. It’s that simple."
Margaret Cochrane,
Reception, JB Russell House
"I really hope everyone will support this campaign and show that we are all committed to making NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde a discrimination-free zone."
Amanda McNelis,
Corporate Communications
"This is a chance for us to make a real difference to our colleagues and patients by making it known that homophobia won’t be tolerated in the NHS."
Heather Sloan,
Mental Health Improvement Team
"This campaign isn’t just about making sure that homophobia isn’t tolerated, it’s about recognising how someone’s sexual orientation and experience of discrimination affects their life and their health."
Ian Reid,
Human Resources
"It’s important to take a stand against homophobia because someone’s sexual orientation and experience of discrimination affects their life and their health.  It can affect  people’s experience of the health service because of negative attitudes or because people mistakenly think that someone’s sexual orientation should just be ignored rather than acknowledged."
Linda de Caestecker,
Director of Public Health
"At last! The NHS has come out of the closet and admits it wants to be gay-friendly! Get on board and make it happen!"
Jon Cuthbertson,
Health Records
"This is about fairness and respect. Also I think diversity in all its forms is crucial to our learning and progress, it's what makes the human race intelligent and interesting."
Doug Mann,
Organisational Development
"It’s sad that in this day and age this is still an issue."
Judith Proudfoot,
Information Services
"Although it's unfortunate that we need them, these campaigns are valuable; for any type of discrimination."
Scott Wilson,
Specialist Children's Services
"We here at the Brownlee believe that all people should be treated as individuals and shown respect regardless of their age, religion, colour or sexual orientation."
Gillian Mulholland,
Senior Charge Nurse,
Brownlee Outpatients Clinic
"No matter who you are you should have equal access to care."
George Young,
Member of the public