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Resources for Staff

Resources for Staff

Healthier Wealthier Children has developed a number of guidance tools for health and money advice services staff. These have been developed, by Healthier Wealthier Children workers, as a result of needs identified by frontline staff.

Guidance - Health staff

A Quick Guide to welfare benefits for families with children (pdf) has been used extensively in the project. It fits into staff diaries and is a good reference aid for staff when working with clients.

A Quick Guide to benefits for children with additional needs  (pdf) is being piloted with Health Visitors within short awareness sessions about Child Disability Living Allowance . The project found many misperceptions about what children are eligible for DLA and application processes.

Guidance - Money Advice Services Staff

A non-engagement protocol (pdf) has been developed with the aim of providing a standard approach for managing Healthier Wealthier Children referrals across NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and increasing efficiency of services to respond to referrals. It is considered an example of good practice on managing referralas by NHSGGC's Strategic Financial Inclusion Group.

Guidance on dealing with sensitive patient issues (pdf). This outlines what is expected and not expected of Money Advice Services staff when dealing with NHS clients, who may disclose complex health issues. 

Good Practice Reports

There have been a number of reports collated on innovative work in Healthier Wealthier Children.

Healthy Start Antenatal Cooking Classes in North West Sector Glasgow City CHP Report (pdf)

In Inverlcyde, Barnardos provide a groupwork programme for pregnant women with complex needs.  Healthier Wealthier Children was integrated into this approach which resulted in increased patient engagement with Money Advice Services. 

Healthier Wealthier Children partnership work with Barnardo's Inverclyde (pdf) 

In South East Glasgow, engagement and training for nurseries resulted in better partnership working between health visitors, nurseries and Healthier Wealthier Children and improved care pathways for patients.

Healthier Wealthier Children partnership working with nurseries in Soutn East Glasgow (pdf)

An Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) was carried out for the project overall with some local areas also carrying out EQIAs.

The project has been innovative in providing a service in 48 locations across NHSGGC.  This has been mapped against deprivation levels to inform service planning post project.

Development Workers across NHSGGC collated good practice and challenges with Healthy Start implementation.

Money worries and budgeting were integrated into a pilot project on antenatal cookery classes in North West Glasgow. This pilot was targeted for pregnant women who have complex needs. Budgeting with Healthy Start vouchers and use of Healthy Start vitamins were covered in the pilot.

Healthy Start Antenatal Cookery session Report (pdf) 

HWC Training

Development Workers and, at times, Income Maximisers have carried out a wide range of awareness sessions and training to health and other staff. It has also included innovative work in, for example, nurseries and weaning fairs of referral options for parents and training for Health Visitors on the links between employability and financial inclusion. 

Two standard presentations (shorter and longer versions) were developed on child poverty for frontline staff.

Child Poverty Presentation (short version)

Child Poverty Presentation (long version)

In addition, Development Workers and Income Maximisers themselves have shown a high commitment to learning. HWC provided induction training and an induction pack (pdf)  on welfare reform and welfare benefits for children and families and equalities monitoring. Poverty Alliance Scotland have provided Poverty Awareness Training and Training for Trainers. Child Poverty Action Group provided training on specific issues for children including Child Disability Living Allowance. 

Summary Evaluation report on Poverty Awareness Training delivered to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (pdf)

National Consultations

The good practice within Healthier Children was also recognised in the Equally Well Review  and  in NHSGGC's response to Scotland's Child Povery Strategy:

Passported Benifits - Consultation Response (pdf)

Child Poverty Strategy - NHSGGC Final Consultation Response (pdf)

Video Resource for staff

Healthier Wealthier Children, in collaboration with NHS Education for Scotland and IRISS, have produced a video that highlights the challenges and opportunities in raising the issue of money worries with clients. 

Money Worries - A case study of how professionals in health and social care services ask and respond to client's money worries. Rose Sloan, a special needs in pregnancy service midwife at Inverclyde Royal Hospital, talks about the importance of raising the issue of money worries with clients

Healthier Wealthier Children: Responding To Money Worries from Mindreel.