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Volunteer NM

Volunteering with the NHS has been a very positive and rewarding experience for me. I started volunteering because I had been unemployed for many years due to ill health. I was advised by the Bridging Service to get involved with volunteering to get me back into a workplace environment at a pace that suited my needs.

Having suffered from ill health for so long I struggled to get the motivation and lacked the confidence needed to return to work. Volunteering has given me the confidence and skills to get back on track and hopefully return to employment. My health and restrictions meant I could not always be sure of how much time or when I would be able to commit but I feel this has improved. I have been fully supported from staff and colleagues and have been enabled to go at my own pace and work at a level that suits me.

I have gained new experiences and skills and my confidence has improved significantly. I have been provided with many training opportunities and have attended certified courses which will improve my CV. I think I have enhanced patients experiences by being helpful and considerate and keeping my own knowledge up-to-date, through attending information sessions and training, to then pass on to the patient.

I also feel I have enhanced and built capacity of the services I am involved with by being fully committed to my roles and always thinking of and suggesting ways to help improve services.

My volunteering has improved my health and well being by getting me out of the rut I was stuck in for many years. I now have a routine and I can now look to the future with a positive outlook, which I could not do before.

I would recommend volunteering with the NHS to anyone who is looking to get back in to work and improve their abilities and confidence.