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AMN - Naloxone Peer Educator

"As a Naloxone Peer Educator in North East Glasgow area I was given a great opportunity in August 2017 to become part of the Naloxone Peer Delivery Pilot. This new role involves me completing paperwork, inputting data into the computer system and handing out the Naloxone kits.

To make this transition I became a Volunteer with NHS GGC North East. Having previously volunteered in a similar environment I felt very comfortable and the transition for me was very easy. There is a change of pace with this exciting new venture and with my fellow Peers we have been hard at work. In my volunteering role I am more in control of my time and effort as part of a team in my time is more fixed and I worked my volunteering around my other priorities. I did not feel any pressure as the responsibility and accountability within my volunteering was discussed and supported.

As a team we have great support from NHS staff, and our supervisor, and as he became more confident in my abilities I was given more opportunities to work on my own initiative. I feel very fortunate to receive training and support that has encouraged my development at a pace that worked for me. I am also grateful for the opportunities to practice my new skills in a variety of different care settings with a definite emphasis on my safety this was enhanced with direct communication and understanding. I feel that there is a very supportive connection and my supervisor is able to ease any anxieties around being in formal settings. He instils a sense of calm and order which helps me to deliver training even in challenging circumstances but this is often where the training is most needed.

This opportunity has given me confidence to feel that I can make an impact however small by using my own experience. I am extremely thankful for this opportunity and as I continue my volunteering which I feel will equip me with certain values that will be useful as I move towards employment - structure, timekeeping, organisational skills, commitment, team working and self-respect for my own worth for what I can bring. This has been a great experience overall for me. It has allowed me to have a unique experience in a safe and nurturing environment, so thanks for the opportunity.”