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Centre for Population Health

This information is designed to give information on the Centre for Population Health, its functions and methods of delivery. 

Much Centre for Population Health activity is undertaken within the Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCP)and the Acute Division.

The Centre for Population Health will provide input to NHSGGC and help to develop health strategies that will improve health and address inequalities in health, working in partnership and collaboration with key agencies whose functions impact on health.

The aims and functions of the Centre for Population Health :

  • To improve health and reduce inequalities in health
  • To improve leadership for Public Health across NHSGGC
  • To ensure the protection of the public from communicable and non-communicable diseases and environmental hazards
  • To monitor the pattern of disease in the community
  • To assess the health needs assessment of the population and advise how these needs can be met
  • To facilitate the strategic development in the provision of health care services
  • To ensure the systematic implementation of standards of health care based on evidence of clinically effective practice
  • Public Health workforce development - building capacity and developing the public health workforce

Corporately Public Health achieves these aims through: