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Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.


Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose,
in a particular way, without judgment.
Jon Kabat-Zinn. 

Mindfulness is a healthy sustainable way to manage stress. Research suggests that Mindfulness can have a powerful and positive effect on health and wellbeing across a wide range of physical and mental health conditions.

When staff practice Mindfulness techniques, this in turn can have beneficial effects on patient care.

Mindfulness matters more than ever in challenging times 

Since in 2015 NHSGGC Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses and taster sessions have been popular with our staff. Now that face-to-face courses are no longer possible due to COVID-19, we are going online to support you.

More details on how to access Microsoft Teams based session available on Staffnet

Microsoft Teams ‘Drop-in’ sessions

Before the ‘lockdown’ situation, drop-ins were delivered to alumni of the 8 week MBSR course. We will increase these to weekly 1 hour sessions and move to an online platform. These will be delivered by our network of experienced Mindfulness tutors using Microsoft Teams which is free to sign up to and download to your desktop or mobile here. Please note the final drop in session of this programme will be held on Tuesday 29 September 2020.

For more information contact: [email protected]


Getting Started videos
Mindfulness Scotland will collaborate with the NHSGGC Mindfulness Network to produce a series of 10 minute getting started videos. These will be hosted online, the videos will guide staff through basic Mindfulness practices, helpful to those with little or no Mindfulness experience who may want to explore more in depth practices through an 8 week course at a later date.

Online resources


There are many resources available and it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to wade through them to figure out what would be helpful. The list below represents just a few of these resources that mindfulness tutors within NHSGGC have found to be useful and is in no way an endorsement of any product by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. Please use your own judgement on what is helpful for you personally at the current time.

Please note that mindfulness is a skill that is learnt over time. As much as we might want it to be, it is not a quick fix. If you have not had any previous experience of mindfulness practices and you are feeling distressed and looking for something to quickly ground you, relaxation or grounding techniques may be more appropriate. Alternatively please link in with the NHS staff support line: 0141 303 8968

Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of mindfulness-based stress reduction, will be live daily from Monday 30th March through to Friday 3rd April. This will be at 7pm UK time. It is likely these live daily broadcasts will continue beyond Friday 3rd of April.

Tara Brach is a clinical psychologist and an international known teacher of meditation and mindfulness has offered talks on facing pandemic fears

General Resources

Palouse Mindfulness - offers a free, online 8-week MBSR course, using a mixture of video, audio and written content.

All are available for iOS and Android, unless otherwise stated.

The Oxford Mindfulness Centre 

(Currently [Jan 2020] only available for iOS, but all content accessible from the website in the link above). The App includes audio recordings of guided meditations and more, and is to designed to support people going through the 8 week MBCT course and beyond.


(Free trial content, paid for full content). Well designed app with great explanatory animations and a wide range of practices (5-20 minutes), often presented in the form of 10-session 'courses', eg managing stress, helping sleep, etc.

Please note Headspace are offering free access to NHS staff until end of 2020. You will need to register with your NHS email.

Insight Timer

(Free, with some paid-for content and functionality). Huge collection of audio guided practices, of variable quality, some more focused on relaxation than mindfulness. Also incorporates useful features such as a timer for self-guided practice, talks, and courses.

NHS GG&C Mindfulness Based Approaches App

(Free) This app is currently being piloted and updated. The current version is live however, there will be a significant update on the 04-04-2020 with new resources and links. This app contains resources for people on an 8 week mindfulness based course, information about local services, audio of conferences and practice days that have been supported by GG&C and NHS Scotland. On the 14-03-2020 new pages will be added to this app to support people with their practice. These will be updated on a weekly basis. We encourage you to keep checking back with this app as it evolves to support staff and services users with resources tailored to local needs.

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