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Team Brief 2017

Team Brief is the monthly communication to all staff from the Chief Executive which is cascaded throughout the organisation to give local managers the opportunity to add to the core corporate messages and localise them. A feedback facility ensures that Team Brief addresses the issues raised by staff.

A full archive of Team Brief is available on StaffNet (you must be on the NHS network to access).

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Team Brief - January 2020

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year

In my first Team Brief of 2020 I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.  I hope that any personal New Year resolutions remain on track and can be achieved in 2020!

For many of us this will involve a commitment to taking steps to improve our health and wellbeing.  The recent publication of the summary of progress in delivering the Staff Health Strategy is therefore a timely reminder of the wide range of support that is provided by NHSGGC to employees to help maintain health and wellbeing.

In the past year, this included more than 14,000 staff attendances at the free physical activity classes offered and thousands of staff being offered the free counselling service provided by the Occupational Health Service.  I was also pleased to read about the good progress being made to consider the potential impact on staff of working beyond traditional retirement age and how we can support staff and make adjustments for those who choose to work for longer. 

I am proud to lead an organisation which places real emphasis on the health and wellbeing of its staff and I would urge colleagues to find out more about the wide range of opportunities there are within NHSGGC to support us all in our pursuit of better health. 

Click here for more on the Staff Health Strategy.

Making NHSGGC a great place to work

We all want NHSGGC to be a great place to work where we feel fully engaged and fulfilled in our roles and in the teams we work in. We know that when this happens it also improves the outcomes and experience of the patients, families and communities we serve. 

To this end, we have been talking to staff and our staff partners about how we can work together to ensure that we all thrive in a positive workplace culture.

These conversations have led to the development of an initial set of priorities.  These include: senior managers leading by example on our values and championing employee wellbeing; improving senior managers’ visibility on the frontline; delivering on iMatter to improve the quality and value of the process in each team; ensuring staff are fully involved in decisions that affect them, and; delivering on succession planning and career development to sustain skills and talent in our workforce.

We also recognise it is important to focus on our values around care and compassion, openness, honesty and responsibility, quality and teamwork and dignity and respect.

Thank you if you have participated in our recent staff surveys. Your feedback was really helpful and will help us consider priorities going forward to make NHSGGC a great place to work for all. 

2020 – International Year of the Nurse and Midwife

In honour of the 200th birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, the World Health Organisation has declared 2020 the “Year of the Nurse and Midwife”.

This is a great opportunity to promote the role of nursing and midwifery and to celebrate the achievements of NHSGGC nurses and midwives.  Our Nurse Director, Dr Margaret McGuire, has set up a working group to plan a series of opportunities to celebrate and promote our nurses and midwives including the services and care they provide to the population of NHSGGC and beyond.  Our local celebrations will also tie in with national plans to mark the year.  

Comments/feedback: [email protected]

Jane Grant, Chief Executive