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Team Brief 2017

Team Brief is the monthly communication to all staff from the Chief Executive which is cascaded throughout the organisation to give local managers the opportunity to add to the core corporate messages and localise them. A feedback facility ensures that Team Brief addresses the issues raised by staff.

A full archive of Team Brief is available on StaffNet (you must be on the NHS network to access).

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Team Brief - March 2019

New Awards Categories

There’s a lot to be proud of in NHSGGC and our Celebrating Success Staff Awards is a great way of showcasing this.

The 2019 Chairman’s Awards will open for nominations in a few days and our communications team will be issuing press releases to local and regional media inviting the public and our patients to make their own nominations in the various categories.

The local media have been hugely supportive in promoting our awards resulting in hundreds of public nominations as well as the very strong entries from our own staff who nominate colleagues they work with and who are worthy of special recognition for the work they do in their own particular field of expertise.

This year the categories have been given a category revamp to better reflect the core objectives of NHSGGC: Better Care; Better Health; Better Value and Better Workplace

The International Service category has been re-branded as the Global Citizenship Award and the standalone categories of Volunteer and Nursing remain unchanged.

Watch out for details of how to nominate to the 2019 Chairman’s Awards and guidelines for the new categories. They will be cascaded to staff by email through Core Brief and through StaffNet in the next few days.

National Poster Abstract short-list success
I was delighted to learn that 50 per cent of the Poster Abstract presentations submitted for the NHS Scotland event later this year were shortlisted by the national judging panel.

This is a terrific success rate and represents our best ever “strike rate” of getting through to the final stages of judging before the event itself on May 30 and 31 in Glasgow SECC.
The range of entries already shortlisted from NHSGGC is impressive covering a diverse area of activity from community dispensing, respiratory medicine and end of life care to improving patient outcomes following abdominal surgery… and much in-between!
Well done to the 16 main authors and good luck on getting through to the final stage. I hope to see many of these abstracts at the event.
To see the full list of the 16 NHSGGC shortlisted entries go to StaffNet, Hot topics.

New Quality Strategy is a road map for us all
Our pursuit of healthcare excellence can only be achieved with the commitment from every single member of staff to focus totally on the patient experience and person centred care.

In February the Strategy for 2019 through till 2023 was presented to our Board and adopted as the right direction of travel for NHSGGC.

At the heart of the strategy is how we define “healthcare quality”. We have to define it – and measure it – against what patients, visitors, carers and family members say matters to them the most when they use the services we provide. So we did ask them and they told us that a high quality NHS is one that takes time with patients and listens to them.

They also said it’s one that takes care of people, looks after them and makes sure they get the right treatment; communicates well with them by explaining all they need to know and involving them in decision making.

They also said it needs to be an NHS that is knowledgeable and trustworthy, efficient, caring and compassionate and shows empathy.

Importantly they also told us that it needs to have friendly, kind, competent and professional staff and communicates with people who matter to them regarding their progress and condition.
If ever there was a clear message that our pursuit of healthcare excellence can only be achieved with the full support of every single member of staff working to this common goal then this feedback is it.
Everything in the Strategy is our shared goal and together we can achieve it.

The Strategy document itself is an engaging document with many very useful references for further reading. Click here to access the Strategy.


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Jane Grant, Chief Executive