Respiratory protection

Staff across NHSGGC may be required to wear Respiratory Protective Equipment in the course of their work as a result of potential exposure to pathogens.

The need for an FFP3 mask (oral nasal disposable mask respiratory protection) to be worn is identified through a clinical risk assessment. The mask is used to protect you against respiratory borne pathogens. To use these masks, staff must be ‘face fit tested’ to ensure that they can achieve a suitable face fit of the mask.

We currently have 295 staff trained to undertake face fit testing, a list of current FFP3 mask fitters is available on the HR Connect website at:

We would like to remind all face fit testers that they need to ensure that they are progressing with the face fit testing for the area they have been requested to cover.

We have also agreed with directors and chief officers that the fit testers are not job family specific – they are location specific so they may be called on to face fit staff across the organisation. Staff undertaking the testing are reminded that they must keep local records of staff who have been tested and these records will be entered on to eESS over the coming months.


  • FFP3 respirators are designed to protect the wearer from breathing in small airborne particles which might contain viruses
  • They should be worn only when carrying out potentially infectious aerosol-generating procedures on patients with symptoms of influenza
  • Respirators are available in different sizes and designs, and must be fitted correctly to provide the best protection.