Involved in Decisions

In this issue we look at the third of the five Staff Governance Standards – Involved in Decisions.

This key element of Staff Governance sets out when we should work together with staff and ensure they are engaged in decisions which affect them, through team discussions, local and corporate communications and utilising the partnership working arrangements in place across our services.

Within NHSGGC we promote and embed partnership working through groups such as the Area Partnership Forum, the Acute Services Partnership Forum and local partnership groups across our services.

The Area Partnership Forum focuses on specific workforce issues (i.e. terms and conditions, workforce statistics, policies, etc). There are several partnership sub-groups and short-life working groups which look to progress actions, and report directly into the Area Partnership Forum. These arrangements ensure discussions take place in partnership, and determine the best way to move forward service and organisational changes, ensuring the appropriate staff groups are engaged, communicated and consulted with.

It’s also important that line managers ensure their team has access to communications (either through hard copy or electronic) along with providing them the opportunity to discuss these in relation to their own role/team/site.

Managers should also take the time to come back to staff with responses to the questions or issues they have raised, seeking support from human resources where they need help.

From the most recent iMatter report, results indicate that staff are positive about being involved in decisions relating to their team, so it’s important we keep that positivity around this standard.

Dorothy McErlean, employee director, said: “The Staff Governance Standard is for all staff and the standard Involved in Decisions is to ensure staff are involved in decisions that affect them.

“Through the Partnership Forums we promote the importance and the value of staff involvement in any decisions that may affect them.

“It is important that staff feel that they are listened to and feel valued in the workplace.”

Visit HR Connect to look at the Partnership Agreement, which is designed to ensure staff are effectively involved in influencing the shape and implementation of decisions that affect their work.