Heather has a savings plan

Congratulations to Heather Hodgson, lead nurse tissue viability, who has won our fourth Small Change Matters ‘idea of the month’.

Heather’s idea to reduce the number of microbiology swabs taken of wounds has been reviewed by the Financial Improvement Programme (FIP) team and it has been agreed that it will be taken forward, likely to result in a saving for NHSGGC.

Heather said: “I’m delighted my idea has been selected to be taken forward as a possible saving for the organisation.

“My idea stemmed from a small study which was undertaken in the Western Infirmary and Gartnavel General Hospital seven years ago where it was noted that the majority of wound swabs sent to a microbiology lab from chronic wounds yield pathogens of no significant values and so a study was undertaken to assess ‘routine culture’ swabs.

“Employees’ time is one of the most valuable commodities and we must question why we are undertaking tasks that are not required, especially if it has implications for a patient and cost implications for the organisation. There is also the issue of patients being commenced on systemic antibiotic therapy unnecessarily on the basis of these swabs.”

This idea is currently being progressed and will hopefully save the organisation money and lead to a reduction in unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions.

Heather and many hundreds of staff like her have all submitted their ideas to our Small Change Matters campaign, but we can never have enough ideas. So if you can think of a way the organisation can work more efficiently, then tell us your ideas.

And if your idea is chosen as our next ‘idea of the month’ you’ll also receive a cheque for £50.

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