e-Payslips make life e-asier for staff

The Financial Improvement Programme has been up and running for many months and this month we wanted to share an example of where NHSGGC is saving money and making life simpler for staff.

As you will have seen from the series of Core Briefs before Christmas, NHSGGC is moving to e-Payslips for all staff groups with access to a computer from January 2019.

A lot of staff sent the suggestion to move from paper payslips to electronic payslips in order to help save money and the environment to the Small Change Matters campaign, so it was great to share with payroll that their planned move to e-Payslips by the end of 2018 sounded like something staff could really get behind. The nursing and midwifery professional governance and regulation team started to encourage all of their staff to move to e-Payslips two years ago, and were happy to share what they felt were some of the benefits from the change.

Angela Carlin, associate chief nurse/midwife, said: “Once I moved to e-Payslips I realised how many things I could check using the system – not just my pay but also my service record since joining the NHS. Being able to change address details myself and not having to save lots of paper payslips at home is so much easier – it’s like a one-stop shop and saves time and hassle.”

Remember, if you already receive electronic payslips there will be no change for you. If you don’t have regular PC access, you’ll continue to receive paper payslips.

Pay dates in January when you will switch to e-Payslip:

Weekly paid staff – W/C 14 January 2019

Monthly paid staff – 24 January 2019

For more information, visit: StaffNet > Corporate Services > Finance > GGC Pay and Expenses