Use of Airbnb for staff business travel

Members of staff have been using Airbnb for business travel in order to reduce travel expenses.

However, following articles in the media regarding Airbnb, the travel team asked both the Board Administration Department and the Joint Trade Unions and Professional Organisations Committee (JOC) to consider if staff should use Airbnb for accommodation while on business.

Airbnb is unable to verify that the accommodation is of a suitable standard and conforms to health and safety requirements and therefore both the Board Administration and the JOC have agreed that Airbnb is not appropriate for staff business travel. Under the NHSGGC Business Travel Policy staff may arrange their own travel and claim the expenditure back through expenses where the cost is less than £50.

However, Airbnb should not be used for business travel in these circumstances and any such expenditure will not be reimbursed.