There’s still time to get your flu vaccination

Flu season has begun and the latest surveillance data from across the UK is showing an increasing number of confirmed flu cases, with initial data suggesting an H3N2 Flu A season, as well as an increase in the number of consultations in general practice for flu-like illness.

Dr Syed Ahmed, Immunisation Coordinator/Consultant in Public Health Medicine, said: “So far the majority of the viruses genetically analysed are a close match to this year’s vaccine strain so the vaccine should provide good protection against this year’s flu strain.

“As H3N2 flu strains disproportionately affect the older population, who are likely to have pre-existing health conditions and serious flu-related complications, it is important that all staff come forward and get this year’s flu vaccine not only to protect themselves but also their patients.”

If you haven’t had your flu vaccination yet this year there is still time. Peer vaccinators are waiting for you to get in touch and you can find a list of them and their locations on our website or you can contact our Occupational Health team and arrange an appointment – tel: 0141 201 0626.

We know that many staff with pre-existing health conditions get vaccinated at their GP practice or local pharmacy and if this applies to you please let us know by completing this short survey at

We don’t need any health information, just your job group, directorate and where you are based.

Have you played the flu bee game yet?
Staff can buzz their way to flu fighter status, building a honeycomb path around the flu bugs from outer space to reach the moon.

Players answer questions which bust common vaccine myths and helps them understand why, and where, they should get vaccinated.

You can play the Flu Bee game on any device through a browser, it only takes a few minutes and it’s fun!

Don’t forget to share your score with colleagues and challenge them to beat you. To download the game, visit: