Small Change Matters - Idea of the Month

Since Small Change Matters started, we have received a total of 961 ideas.

Of them, 301 are currently classed as ‘original ideas’ and the remaining 660 had already been suggested, or were ideas that the Board had already planned to take forward.

One unique idea was sent in by George Allison, who works in estates and facilities.

George’s idea was to turn some of the ground floor doors in the QEUH into electronic doors that open automatically as the porters were finding it difficult to open these doors while moving beds, trolleys and cages without bumping into the doors.

This often caused damage to the doors and was the cause of moving and handling problems for the porters – as well as being an inefficient way of transport.

Upon hearing of this idea, estates and facilities turned it into a full project that requires some investment in order to save money in the long run.

A Financial Improvement Project Mandate has now been developed and it is projected to save £300,000 over the year with the benefits of less damage to doors, reduced risk of injury to staff and patients, and improved access.

Congratulations to George for this fantastic idea and we hope you enjoy your prize of £50!

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