Person Centred Visiting is spreading

Last month, all wards in the QEUH introduced a person centred approach to visiting, acknowledging the growing recognition of the importance of encouraging and supporting people to stay connected with those who matter most in their lives, and supporting whenever possible how they would like them to be involved in their care.

Morag Garder, Chief Nurse, said: “The introduction of person centred visiting at the QEUH comes after working with multiple wards and specialties, with support from leaders and management, over the past six months to ensure the smooth implementation of this visiting approach.

“Staff have worked hard to embrace this new approach to visiting for the benefit of patients and their families and I would like to thank them for their support, especially at such a busy time of year.”

There is a five-step process to help staff implement PCV:
1. Engage with the multidisciplinary team about the opportunities and challenges presented by PCV
2. Speak to patients and family members about their current experience of visiting to understand any improvements to be made locally
3. Consider how consistently welcoming the ward environment is for visitors - display ward entrance poster, and remove any information which conflicts with the core principles
4. Incorporate conversations about visiting into existing admission processes - who patients want to spend with them when in hospital, and if they need any support for them to be able to do this
5. Clarify with staff when it is important and appropriate to maintain patients’ needs for privacy, dignity and rest.

For more information, please email: [email protected]