New training session for diabetes patients

Inverclyde community diabetes team took the iMatter ethos of “helping individuals and teams understand and improve the staff experience” to a new level when they introduced a new training session for people with Type 2 diabetes.

Looking at what they currently provide to people with the condition they recognised that they could do better by introducing a few small changes.

The session aimed to support people newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and tools to enable them to self-manage their condition and ultimately prevent long-term complications whilst maintaining a good quality of life.

Following discussion at their iMatter actionplanning session, they worked together to determine the following actions:

  • Change venue
  • Double number of people invited (14 patients currently)
  • Include user-friendly patient education information with the invitation letter
  • Telephone consultations in advance of sessions
  • Inclusion of podiatry input into session.

Doreen Kennedy, Diabetes Specialist Nurse, said: “We wanted to give a warm welcome to those attending and dispel any beliefs that the session was similar to classroom teaching.

“Implementing these actions resulted in a 30-40 per cent increase in uptake at the education sessions, with overall attendance now at 64 per cent, which is a fantastic increase!”

Staff felt that the iMatter process has focused the diabetes team to achieve their objective of improving diabetes patient education uptake and are very proud of their efforts.