New Financial Improvement web pages

The Financial Improvement team are delighted to announce their new web pages are now live and link to the existing Small Change Matters web pages.

The new Financial Improvement Programme (FIP site starts with a page called “What is the Financial Improvement Programme” which outlines the history, purpose and key achievements of the Financial Improvement Programme.

There is a new ‘contact page’ which describes the team members’ responsibilities and experience with the Project Management Office contact details; and finally there is a new page for Small Change Matters Articles which provides a short summary of previous Staff Newsletter/Core Brief articles concerning SCM Ideas of the Month and other related topics. There are links to each individual article on this page and these links have been produced with detailed searchable terms so that staff can use the general search function and easily find the article they are looking for.

We hope you find these pages useful and do let us know of other Financial Improvement or Small Change Matters pages that you would find useful in the future as we would really like your feedback to keep improving the site. To view the web pages, visit: