Staff Health Strategy highlights

Staff can now access the highlights from Year 2 of the Staff Health Strategy 2017-2020 on our website.

The strategy sets out five priorities to tackle important staff health issues such as working with disability and long term conditions, fair employment, equality and health, improving health and attendance and supporting older workers. The key actions for Year 2 focused on carers, financial inclusion and mental health.

We are currently providing training sessions on stress and mental health awareness for managers which are running every two months as well as a mental health and wellbeing group which is developing and promoting mental health awareness and support for staff.

Expert help and guidance on financial difficulties is available online for staff and managers at and poverty awareness training for staff is planned for this year.

A plan is in place to increase self-identification of carers and uptake of carer support services. We want to work with carers to look at how we can support staff to remain at work whilst undertaking care responsibilities at home.

Anne MacPherson, Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development, said: “We are committed to introducing initiatives, practice and support to provide sustainable improvement to our staff’s health and wellbeing at work learning from other organisations across the UK. The outputs from the recent Staff Health Survey are really valuable to us and will help inform our next priorities.”

Above: Anne MacPherson

To read the highlights from Year 2 and read the strategy in full, visit: