Shared Decision Making keeps patients informed

The Shared Decision Making module is now available on LearnPro.

Shared Decision Making is one of the core principles of Realistic Medicine, which is about giving patients more information about their healthcare and treatment, equipping them to ask more questions and allowing them to make better informed decisions about what’s best for them.

Evidence shows that the more informed people are about their care, the more likely they are to appreciate it, and the less likely they are to have regrets about any decisions  made. The module provides a foundation in the terminology, skills and evidence base that underpin shared decision making.

It supports staff to have meaningful conversations that will lead to appropriate and evidence based treatment, care and support closer to people’s preferences.

Dr Alastair Ireland, Clinical Lead for Realistic Medicine, said: “If we can embed effective shared decision making across the organisation, we can ensure that people do not receive treatment, care or support that they do not want, need or benefit from. Staff completing this training will help ensure more people receive treatment, care and support that they really value.”

Completion of this training will also support revalidation and appraisal, and support clinicians to comply with the General Medical Council’s update guidance on decision making and consent.

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