Out of Africa for Glasgow Royal doctor

Professor Adrian Stanley, Consultant Gastroenterologist at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, has just completed his eighth trip to Malawi, taking lifesaving equipment and expertise to help patients with serious upper gastrointestinal disease.

Adrian took with him a number of endoscopes donated by NHSGGC to help patients suffering from gastrointestinal bleeding and oesophageal cancer - both major health issues in Malawi.

He delivered two days of training in endoscopic skills to staff in Mzuzu, the main hospital in northern Malawi, which has a particularly high rate of upper gastrointestinal bleeding related to schistosomiasis.

Adrian said: “It is humbling being able to work with and train the people who are doing all the work out there, in very challenging conditions. It is very satisfying to see the desperately needed equipment – that is no longer required in Glasgow – being put to good use. It is also very exciting for Glasgow support extending to the training of local staff in the management of common acute medical emergencies.”

On this visit, Adrian also helped organise and act as faculty for the country’s second annual conference on liver disease, held in the capital Lilongwe.

Topics including viral hepatitis, chronic liver disease and liver cancer were discussed, with local audits and guidelines presented.

Adrian said: “This conference was a great opportunity to share knowledge and developments, which staff can then take back to their own hospitals in other parts of the country. The conference also informed the imminent Malawi National Strategy to address Hepatitis B and C infection, with the aim of eliminating this from the country by 2030 as per the WHO (World Health Organisation) target.

“As ever, it was a very busy but extremely worthwhile visit.”