Making a difference around the world

The NHSScotland Global Citizenship Programme aims to encourage, support and co-ordinate NHSScotland staff and volunteers’ involvement in global health work and support international development commitments to partner countries.

Our Chairman, Professor John Brown, is a great advocate and Chair of the Global Citizenship Programme Board. He is responsible for leading and overseeing the implementation and development of the programme.

Professor John Brown said: “More than 600 staff from across NHSScotland already make a significant personal and professional contribution to global health in developing countries.

“This valuable work not only helps healthcare organisations abroad to build capability and capacity to improve the care of the local population it also provides mutual learning opportunities bringing proven benefits for our own NHS staff and healthcare system.”

The NHSScotland Global Citizenship Programme also has a network of champions and NHSGGC’s Global Citizenship Champion is Linda de Caestecker, Director of Public Health.

Local Champions have personal experience of global health work and act as an ambassador for work within their own health board.

Linda said: “I am delighted to champion this programme. The work and experience that NHS staff provide in other countries is vital, it helps to reduce common challenges such as disease epidemics, but also provides mutual learning opportunities for our staff which benefits the people of Scotland.”

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Here we highlight just a few of examples of the wonderful work our staff are committed to doing to help some of the poorest people in the world.