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We’re now on the move!

Staff update, By Anne MacPherson, workforce director

THIS is a very exciting time as we move staff and patients into the new South Glasgow hospitals. The migration began on 24 April with the Southern General move.

Simultaneously, our new office accommodation was handed over and our key admin support staff and clinical staff will be moving into the office accommodation on a gradual basis as the main hospital site moves continue through May and June.

A significant number of our facilities staff, including domestics, porters and catering staff, have already moved into the new hospitals to support the migration period.

I would personally like to thank all the staff and suppliers of equipment who have made our transition into the hospitals as smooth as possible, which has provided our clinical staff with opportunities to focus on patient moves in the coming weeks.

All of our staff who are moving from April to June have received correspondence that clearly indicates where they will be located on the new site. Our focus is now on staff who have been affected by the decommissioning of the sites who will be required to be found alternative accommodation in autumn this year. These are key support staff who will not be based on the site, but will be required to be located elsewhere within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

I have issued a letter to all in-scope staff providing additional information regarding transport and parking arrangements on the site. More detailed information regarding the new transport arrangements are available on StaffNet or through the transport team.

During the physical migration of sites, we have worked with our Bank colleagues to ensure that we have sufficient additional resources to support the teams sending patients across and the teams receiving patients in their new accommodation.

I would like to thank all our Bank staff and temporary staff who have made it possible with their flexibility.

Our orientation programme has now concluded for the new hospitals and a similar arrangement of drop-in sessions was available for the office accommodation. Our final stage of orientation will be for the new Teaching & Learning Centre which will formally open in July of 2015.

Along with the DVD and orientation programme, there is a staff information booklet that is available on StaffNet for all staff who are affected by the change.

This booklet gives very useful information, not only in terms of more detailed information regarding health & safety and fire, but also practical information to support staff at work.

The majority of our staff who have moved into the new builds will have moved on existing, or similar, work patterns. However, as we continue to focus in on our sustainability and 24/7 working, senior managers and staffside colleagues will work together with staff to continually develop different working arrangements to suit our patients’ needs as we become more familiar with the activity through the new hospitals.

We are currently working with payroll colleagues to ensure that, along with the migration of staff and the Acute Services Review, everyone will be realigned to the appropriate codes, to ensure that transition across sites and to working in new teams will be as seamless as possible.


>> For more information, click on the On The Move button on the front page of StaffNet


Last Updated: 12 November 2019