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North Glasgow Sector

Rota number Grade Location Specialty

NG02 FY2


FY2-CT2 GRI Emergency Medicine
NG03 StR3+ GRI Emergency Medicine
NG07 StR3+ Citywide Cardiovascular Medicine
NG11 FY1 GRI General Medicine
NG12 FY2 GRI General Medicine
NG13 StR1.1-1.2 GP GRI General Medicine
NG14 CT1-2 GRI General Medicine
NG15 StR3+ GRI General Medicine
NG22 FY2-StR1.2 GP GRI Geriatric Medicine
NG23 StR3+ GRI Geriatric Medicine
NG32 CT1-CT2 GRI Anaesthetics (General)
NG33 StR3+ GRI Anaesthetics (General)
NG34 StR3+ GRI Anaesthetics (Maternity)
NG36 StR3+ GRI Anaesthetics (ICU)
NG41 FY1 GRI General Surgery
NG42 FY2 GRI General Surgery
NG43 CT1-CT2 GRI General Surgery
NG44 StR3+ GRI General Surgery
NG52 FY2-CT2 GRI Trauma and Orthopaedics
NG53 StR3+ GRI Trauma and Orthopaedics
NG82 FY2 GRI Urology
NG83 CT1-2 GRI Urology