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Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.

Step 5 Finalising the Offer of Employment and Starting your New Staff Member

Once satisfactory pre-employment checks are received, the Recruitment Service will confirm and verify these with the hiring/line manager for the post and will then arrange for an Unconditional Offer of Employment to be issued to the successful candidate.

The hiring manager is responsible for completing the proforma template form which they will receive from the Recruitment Service for the appointed candidate. It is important to complete and send the form back to your nominated recruitment team member quickly in order for the Recruitment service to  issue final offer letter and the successful candidate’s Contract of Employment. 

A NHSGGC Contract of Employment will also be issued at this stage so it is important that the Recruitment Service have all the relevant and accurate information from the hiring /line manager. This will include important information such as where your new member of staff needs to report to on their first day and at what time, along with details of the documents they will need to bring so that they can be set up on the NHSGGC payroll.

The hiring manager/line manager will be responsible for facilitating an appropriate induction programme for their new member of staff especially if this requires booking them onto any mandatory training events, etc .

The hiring/line manager for the new member of staff is responsible for arranging a number of administrative elements of starting a new member of staff including :

  • IT access to appropriate system and training
  • Ordering any equipment (such as mobile phone, blackberry or laptop) and ensuring  necessary office equipment (including PC and landline) is available
  • Ordering equipment/materials identified by Occupational Health as necessary for the appointee
  • Uniform if applicable
  • ID Badges/Security fobs

Don’t forget to arrange a welcome meeting and keep in touch with your new member of staff prior to their start date

The hiring/line manager will need to ensure that the necessary arrangements are made to induct their new member of staff  within NHSGGC. Remember to include introduction meetings with key contacts in your service.

On starting you will need to ensure that a NHSGGC Staff Engagement Form is completed for your new member of staff and then sent onto NHSGGC Payroll Service team. 

Statutory and mandatory training (LearnPro) 

In addition to completing the the proforma template issued by recruitment, which triggers the offer letter, the Hiring Manager must also complete this LearnPro Account Creation Form.  This will enable candidates to access and complete core statutory and mandatory training prior to commencement. 

NHS Staff Engagement Form and Payroll procedures

For posts (except medical and dental) the Recruitment service will send out a NHS GGC Staff Engagement form to the successful candidate, along with their Unconditional offer of Employment.  They will be advised to take that when they start their new job and give it to their new Line Manager on their first working day.  Their Line Manager is responsible for completing the appropriate sections of the form and then forwarding it to NHSGGC Payroll service. It is important to make sure it is forwarded to NHSGGC Payroll service in time to meet the payroll service deadline for that month to ensure your new member of staff is paid on time and at the correct grade etc.

For Medical & Dental staff, new appointees will attend in person the recruitment office to have an engagement form completed.

Existing NHSGGC Employees

An important point to note is where an existing NHSGGC Employee is changing post within the Board then it is the responsibility of their existing line manager to complete a Notification of Change form and submit to NHSGGC Payroll service. Existing NHSGGC starting a new job should also receive induction, and where appropriate mandatory training as outlined above.

For Medical & Dental posts, a Notification of Change Form will be completed by Recruitment Services.

Employee Record File (Personnel File)

You will receive from the Recruitment service an Employee record file for your new member of staff , which will include:

All the pre-employment documentation which has been received for the candidate 

A copy of the job pack that was issued for the post . A copy of the Contract of Employment for your new member of staff .

The Employee record File should be kept securely by the new member of staff‘s Line Manager.  All the employee’s employment history should be retained securely in their Employee Record File.

If at some stage in the future your new member of staff  moves to another job within NHSGGC  then their Employee record  File should be forwarded to their new line manager.

Induction and Training

You must ensure your new member of staff completes the NHS GGC On Line Induction.  You can access the Induction portal by clicking this link The NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Induction Portal or via the Learning and Education pages on HR Connect.

The NHSGGC Induction Portal has been designed to:

  • support line managers/ team leaders induct their new  members of staff to their new workplace.
  • bring together all relevant resources including forms, policies and guidance  to help your member of staff understand NHSGGC as an organisation 

Managers should use the portal to help plan the induction process.

It is important that the induction is completed as early as possible and should be no later than 3 months of your new member of staff joining your service /department. This is because as well as being critical to ensure your new member of staff is supported when they start their new job the induction is part of the Organisational Performance Review and performance is reported on a monthly to our Directors 

In addition, it is very important that during the induction process, accurate information is kept and held securely in Employee Record files. You should also complete the online induction form (refer to step 5 in the induction portal guidance) when induction has been completed. This enables the Learning and Education service to update the employee record and report results to Directors.

Manager Support

As an additional support to the resources outlined within the Induction Portal, a tutor led course is offered to managers and supervisors who are responsible for leading induction locally and supporting new colleagues, particularly those colleagues in a HCSW role. Details are noted here Induction Training

Last Updated: 28 April 2022