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Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.

Step 4 Selecting the Successful Candidate and Conditional Offer of Appointment

Following the interviews the interview panel will need to agree a suitable candidate to offer the post to.

Selecting the Preferred Candidate

The interview panel should select the preferred candidate based on the Information received during the selection process based solely on the candidate’s suitability for the post when compared with the Job Description/Person Specification.

Interview Panel Members are required to score the candidates across each of the assessment categories covered at the interview using the Interview  templates provided by the Recruitment service and include any other assessment activity incorporated into the selection process.

Each interview panel member must record their scores and interview notes for each candidate on the Candidate Assessment template form provided for each candidate interviewed.  The decision should then be recorded on the Interview Summary and Preferred Candidate Identification template form which will be completed by the Hiring manager /Panel Chair and returned to the Recruitment service.

Key point: The interview panel should agree a minimum acceptable score for appointment.  Aim to employ the “best” and not settle for “best on the day”.

If more than 1 candidate achieves the same score the panel should:-

  • review the questions to confirm if they have been fully answered
  • consider whether all the areas on the person specification have been covered
  • review if all essential and desirable criteria have been considered
  • take into account any other relevant skill sets or qualities outlined in the person specification/job description

If necessary the panel should recall the candidates for a second interview or an assessment exercise e.g. scenario or skills test to identify the appointable candidate.

Reserve Candidates

Where more than one candidate meets the selection criteria, the interview  panel may decide to list the second/third choice candidates (providing they have met the minimum appointable threshold) as reserve candidates.

If the first choice candidate declines the offer of employment, the second candidate may be offered the position and so on.

Reserves can be held for no more than 6 months and if there is the requirement to fill the same post during that period then consideration can be given to the reserve candidate (s) without having to repeat the recruitment process.

No candidates suitable for appointment:-

If none of the candidates interviewed meet the acceptable level to be appointed there is no obligation to select a preferred candidate and the post may require to be re-advertised.  Prior to submitting for re-advertisement the Hiring Manager should discuss with the selection panel to determine if the person specification, job description and advert meet the requirements.

The Recruitment Service will carry out the pre employment checks. All NHS GGC offers of employment are made on a conditional basis subject to pre employment screening checks.

Once the selection decision is complete then a designated panel member normally the hiring manager will telephone the candidates to advise them of the outcome. This should normally, if possible, take place at the earliest opportunity after the interview but no later than 48 hours. Candidates should be offered feedback on their performance.

When verbally making a conditional offer for the post, the hiring manager will outline the main aspects of the offer which will include pay scale, working hours, shift pattern and  location etc . The hiring manager must ensure that the Preferred Candidate (successful applicant) is made fully aware of the conditions of the offer, .i.e. it is subject to satisfactory completion of NHSGGC pre employment checks.

An offer of employment at this stage is classed as a Conditional Offer of Employment. It is important that the information confirmed to the candidate is correct and in line with the terms of conditions and NHS GGC policies. Starting salary under Agenda for Change Terms and Conditions (for Medical and Dental posts and some Senior Manager/Director/Executive posts separate pay grades/scales will apply)

Candidates should be advised not to submit their notice until all pre employment checks have been confirmed 

If queries arise which require the hiring manager to seek clarification or guidance then they should contact the Recruitment service or their nominated Human Resources representative.

Once all the candidates have been contacted then the hiring manager should contact their nominated contact point in the Recruitment team to confirm the successful candidate and details of the offer made etc. The Recruitment team will then commence the pre employment checks and will send out all the relevant recruitment documentation to the successful candidate to get the offer process started as quickly as possible.

An Unconditional Offer of Employment will only be issued once all the appropriate Pre Employment checks have been verified by the Recruitment service and signed off by the hiring or line manager for the post.

Pre employment checks include:

  • Verification of identity
  • Confirmation of Right to Work in the UK 
  • Satisfactory References
  • Satisfactory Disclosure Scotland check – PVG Scheme Membership / Police Act Disclosure
  • Certificate of good standing for those applying from oversees (required where a candidate has worked outwith the UK for 12 months within the last 5 years)
  • Professional Registration and Qualification check
  • Employment History
  • Occupational Health clearance
  • Fitness to Practice
  • Verification of Driving Licence (only where applicable)

These checks are either required by law or are NHS GGC/NHSScotland policy.   

Starting a member of staff prior to the checks being approved could potentially put the safety of our patients and staff at risk and will not be permitted in any circumstance.

For further guidance on pre employment checks please refer to a member of  the Recruitment service.

Withdrawing an Offer

If, after careful consideration, it is decided to withdraw the conditional offer of employment the grounds/reasons for withdrawal must be made very clear to the candidate e.g. due to unsatisfactory references or other pre employment checks.  The Hiring Manager must ensure this decision is made in consultation with their own Line Manager, an HR representative and Recruitment Service.  The offer must be withdrawn and confirmed in writing by the  Recruitment Service.  

Please note that we recommend that you discuss at interview your expectation of references with candidates to ensure that you have outlined what you consider a satisfactory and unsatisfactory reference to be. 

Unconditional (Final) Offer, Contract & Induction

Once all pre employment checks have been satisfactorily completed regardless of the tenure of the post a final offer of employment known as an Unconditional Offer will be made.

The hiring manager is responsible for completing the proforma template for the appointed candidate in order to issue final offer letter and the successful candidate’s Contract of Employment. The Hiring Manager will be contacted to confirm acceptance and will agree a start date, after which the Recruitment Service will issue the candidate with a Unconditional Offer letter and Contract of Employment.

Statutory and mandatory training (LearnPro) 

We are encouraging new employees to complete core statutory and mandatory training prior to commencement. You have a vital role in supporting compliance by completing this LearnPro Account Creation Form at the same time as you submit the proforma template issued by recruitment, which triggers the offer letter. 

Last Updated: 16 March 2022