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Volunteer and Regular Reservist Information

Are you a member of the Volunteer Reserve Forces or a Regular Reservist working in NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde?

NHS Scotland is keen to recognise the importance of the role that the Reserve Forces play, not only in serving the country but also in the valued contribution they make to the NHS in Scotland). The regular training that the Reserve Forces undertake brings essential skills into the workplace such as leadership, communication, team working and organisational ability, which ultimately lead to improved performance in the workplace.

The Scottish Government Health Directorate are keen to ensure that our Reserve Forces are treated fairly by their employer, therefore, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde previously led on a project to develop and implement an improved NHS Scotland Reserved Forces Training & Mobilisation Policy. We work with colleagues across Scotland to ensure that staff in the Reserve Forces are offered the appropriate level of support during training and in the event of mobilisation. We have sought the guidance of the Reserve Forces' and Cadets' Association throughout the policy development process which has ensured that we are aware of the mutual obligations both on us as an employer and on you as an employee.

The Reserve Forces Training Policy has now been launched and we hope that we can be confident that all NHS Scotland employers are treating their staff who are members of the Reserve Forces equally.

To help us to ensure you are aware of the support that NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde can offer, we would ask you to register with the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Board Contact who will be able to answer any questions you may have and will be a central point of contact for any future needs –

Lyndsay Lauder,  Head of People and Change (Organisational Effectiveness)

Human Resources and Organisational Development

Tel – 0141 201 0768

E-mail – [email protected]