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Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.

NHS Scotland Everyone Matters Pulse Survey September 2020


This year we are introducing a national Everyone Matters Pulse Survey as the staff experience measurement for 2020.  This will enable a meaningful opportunity for all staff in NHS Scotland to express their views, whilst appreciating that Health and Social Care are still in recovery and have significant work to do.   The Everyone Matters Pulse Survey will form one element of the national staff experience measurement over the next 15 months, with outcomes used to inform health and well-being, culture, dignity at work and work on equalities, diversity and inclusion programmes. 

The full iMatter Staff Experience Measure will be reintroduced in 2021, subject to the evolving picture of Covid-19. This survey is different to the annual iMatter survey, as it will give all staff the opportunity to tell us about your experience during the COVID period.


The Survey

The survey should only take you around 10 minutes to complete.

Questions will cover:

  • Your overall well-being and personal experience of work during the COVID period.
  • 2 qualitative questions inviting you to describe what is most worrying you and what is supporting you,
  • 2 short questions about your work environment
  • Finally, a suite of demographic questions about you. These questions cover areas about you such as gender, ethnicity, disability. These are asked because we are committed to ensuring that no member of staff is unfairly discriminated against whilst at work. This section helps us to look for any trends or patterns which might be cause for concern. Your responses will not be tracked back to you.

If you are completing your survey on paper, please note that questions relating to your overall well-being and personal experience of work during the COVID period are mandatory and should be completed for the response to count.

If you change your mind on any response, you can clearly cross out one tick and replace with a tick at the new answer.

Included on the survey are support links to the National Wellbeing Hub, the National Wellbeing Helpline For Staff and the Samaritans to promote support available to all health and social care staff, offering a range of resources to support your physical and mental health.


How the survey will be run

The survey will be run by Webropol using The NHS Scotland Employee Engagement IT Portal, the system used to run iMatter. 

Webropol will distribute the survey to staff via an email link or SMS.

For paper copies, as a manager you will be able to access a PDF file via your iMatter login, to print then distribute paper copies to staff. If you require support in accessing the PDF file, please get in touch with the NHSGGC iMatter mailbox ([email protected]). Envelopes for returning paper copies will be available, and confirmation of where to collect these from will be available in due course.


Briefing and Resources

This briefing pack is available to support discussion about the survey in your team. The pack includes images you can use to promote the survey.

To help promote participation you can amend your email auto signature with one of these templates.

Pulse Survey auto signature

Pulse Survey auto signature – I’ve completed have you?



Reports will be available at National, Board and Directorate/HSCP level and published throughout October and November.

You will receive a copy of your Directorate/HSCP report and teams are encouraged to meet and review the report and plan/share actions with the wider Directorate/HSCP area.

Team level reports will not be available given the significant changes to working arrangements during the Covid-19 period.



For support and guidance regarding the Everyone Matters Pulse Survey, please contact:

Diana Hudson, iMatter Op Lead, email [email protected]  or call 07890 596395

Chloe Cairns, iMatter Board Administrator, email [email protected] or call 07811 759583

You can also contact Diana or Chloe if you would like to share any personal stories about how you or your team were supported though the COVID period.

Last Updated: 17 September 2020