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What is Parental Leave?

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde recognise that parents have a joint responsibility for the upbringing of their children and of work and understand this can create conflicting pressures. Parental Leave is aimed at encouraging a culture of flexible working practice to assist staff balance family and work commitments.

Am I entitled to apply for Parental Leave?

Yes, if you meet the following criteria:

  •    You have completed 1 years qualifying service
  •    You have a child or children under 18 years of age (this is an update from the policy in line with employment legislation)

What can I use Parental Leave for?

Parental Leave is a period of leave expressly for the purpose of allowing staff to spend quality time with their children.

 Is Parental Leave paid or unpaid?

If you are eligible to apply for Parental Leave you are entitled to 18 weeks leave in total:

  •    4 weeks paid and 14 weeks unpaid.

Is Parental Leave allocated per child?

Yes, entitlement to Parental Leave is per child

How do I apply for Parental Leave 

You must complete a Parental Leave application form providing at least 3 weeks notice and submit this directly to your line manager.

Do I need to provide my line manager with any other information?

Yes, the first time you apply for Parental Leave you need to provide your line manager with a copy of your child’s birth certificate or adoption papers or papers confirming a placement.

Can my line manager ask me to postpone my Parental Leave?

Yes, in exceptional circumstances, due to the needs of the service you may be asked to postpone your parental leave, until a later date. Postponement would only take place after discussion with your line manager where a valid/objective operational reason will be provided.The leave will not be postponed for more than six months from the date on which you wanted to commence parental leave.

Who keeps a record of my Parental Leave?

Your line manager will keep a record of all Parental Leave that has been authorised .

What if I move to a new post in the organisation?

The information will be transferred to your new line manager.

Keeping records up to date

We need to know when you are at work and when you have any type of time off. This is important as it ensures you are paid you correctly.

 All managers should ensure that SSTS is updated correctly and the payroll department is informed, where SSTS is not available.

The HR Support and Advice Unit can be contacted on 0141 278 2700 if you have any further questions or need guidance on this policy area.