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What is a Job Share?
Job sharing represents an opportunity for employees to work fewer hours while maintaining their career prospects and personal development.

Job share is designed to increase the variety and seniority of work available to those not seeking full-time employment, without reducing the number of full-time jobs in the organisational structure.

Who can request Job Sharing?
The opportunity to request a job share is open to all employees, as well as to prospective employees, irrespective of the band or level of the post.

How is a Job Share arranged?
Job sharing can be introduced into a post in a number of ways:
• Existing employee formally applying to management for a job share arrangement to be agreed regarding the post they occupy.

• Internal application being made by an employee to share a post.

• Joint internal application being made by two or more existing employees as a unit to share a post.

• External application being made by a candidate to job share a post.

• Joint external application being made by two or more candidates as a unit to job share a post.

• Two or more separate applications being made, whether internal or external, which can be matched together to form a job share unit.

How will duties be shared?
The sharing of the duties and responsibilities of a post may take several forms. The aim in all cases is to ensure the most efficient means of operation. Division of duties may be into projects, tasks, and clients or merely time, as the case may be.

The partners should always be in a position to claim that at some time each had fulfilled the duties and responsibilities of the whole post.

Each job sharer is responsible individually for the satisfactory performance of his/her own duties.

Can I request a Job Share if I am due to return from maternity or adoption leave?
Yes, employees returning from maternity or adoption leave particularly benefit from job sharing.

For those employees who are on maternity or adoption leave and who wish to job share the following procedure applies:

• Notify your manager in writing at the earliest opportunity (but at least two months prior to the return to work date) giving notice of your wish to job share.

• If the job is felt to be unsuitable for job sharing an agreed alternative job share will be sought by your manager. Two months prior to returning from paid maternity or adoption leave you will receive copies of the organisation’s Jobs Bulletin and can apply for job share vacancies.

• You may wish to consider the use of unpaid maternity or adoption leave to allow your manager more time to find a suitable job share. The requirement to return for three months to retain maternity or adoption pay applies equally to employees returning from maternity or adoption leave on a job share basis and will commence at the date of return.
Please refer to the full Job Share Policy for details on terms and conditions and for information on working arrangements.

Keeping records up to date
We need to know when you’re at work and when you have any type of time off. This is important to make sure we pay you correctly too.

All managers should ensure that SSTS is updated correctly and payroll is informed, where SSTS is not available.

The HR Support and Advice Unit can be contacted on 0141 278 2700 if you have any further questions or need advice on this policy area.

Last Updated: 04 May 2016