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Q10.1 Will I Receive Any Support for Childcare When I Return To Work?

A10.1 As part of our family friendly initiative, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde in conjunction with Fideliti, have a more flexible way to meet the costs of your childcare, under which part of your wages or salary can be given up, as part of the “salary sacrifice” agreement, in exchange for Childcare Vouchers.

 The Voucher Scheme works by changing what we "pay" you in a particular pay period. In any pay period in which you wish to receive Childcare Vouchers you give up the right to receive your full wages or salary and instead it is agreed that you will be entitled to receive a reduced payment of wages or salary plus the agreed value of Childcare Vouchers. The total value you receive will remain the same. For further information, please refer to Fideliti website.