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Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.

A Comprehensive Guide to Attendance Management



The below schedule details a number of Attendance Management Clinics’ in each of the main sites within NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, for Acute Services and Facilities. It has available slots for managers to secure an allocation regarding time, date and HR support.

For areas which do not have clinics arranged, each case will be allocated by the HR Team Lead within the HR Support and Advice Unit and an appropriate HR Representative will be in touch to arrange a suitable time for the meetings required.

Who should you book onto an Attendance Management Clinic?

Employees who have complex 4 episodes of absence, i.e. are currently on a live warning on or above 1st Written Warning, or have reached the 28 day trigger should be booked into available slots. These are cases generally seen by local management (Senior Charge Nurses, Team Leads, etc) and HR Assistants will be in attendance for support.

More complex and highly sensitive cases which are appropriate to be seen by more senior management (Lead Nurses, AHP Team Leads, Lead Clinicians etc) supported by HR Advisors will be allocated individual meetings through the case management referral system.

Please note that for non-complex 4 episodes of absence cases, line managers do not routinely require to be supported by HR. Therefore, there is no requirement to book an Attendance Management Clinic slot. Managers should follow the guidance outlined under the Frequent Absence section in this site and arrange to meet with the employee for a Formal Absence Review Meeting.

If you are already being supported by an HR Practitioner for an ongoing case, you do not need to contact the HR Support and Advice Unit to book a slot. Contact the HR Practitioner already involved and they will coordinate a meeting with you.

For new absence cases requiring HR support at meetings, you do need to contact the HRSAU to book staff into the clinics.

What are the key tasks you need to do to access the attendance management clinics?

Look at the schedule of dates and pick a couple of dates that would suit for your meeting(s). You may not get your first choice due to the limited number of slots available in each clinic.

Contact the HR Support and Advice Unit, on 0141 278 2700, to advise that you require HR Support for Formal Absence Review meeting(s).

  • Provide information in order for a Case Management Referral Form to be completed – details of the employee and their specific absence case.
  • Agree the date and venue that suits and is available. You will be advised of the HR Practitioner who will be present for the chosen clinic along with the venue which has been pre-booked.
  • Send the appropriate Formal Absence Review invite letter to the employee (please refer to the Attendance Management Support Documentation for a template letter).
  • Ensure that the employee will have at least 5 working days notice from receipt of the Formal Absence Review invite letter to arrange appropriate representation.
  • Email a copy of the Formal Absence Review invite letter to the appropriate HR Representative supporting you at the clinic, along with any other relevant information.

Attendance Management clinics are aligned to HRSAU Team Clusters. Details of which Sector/Directorates/Partnerships come under which cluster is below:

Cluster 1

  • North Sector
  • South Clyde Sector
  • Diagnostic Services

Cluster 2

  • South Sector
  • Regional Services
  • Women & Children's

Cluster 3

  • Corporate
  • Facilities
  • Pharmacy
  • Partnerships

Please note if you are unable to attend a clinic date within your cluster and a date in another cluster is more suitable (with the exception of cluster 3) please speak to a member of the HR Support and Advice Team.

Last Updated: 17 June 2019