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Leadership - Level 2

Leadership - Level 2


Leader is concerned with practice across own area of service with own and other teams which in some cases may operate in an integrated care setting with staff from different organisations.

Leadership at this level is about:

  • building relationships with clients, patients and colleagues to support the quality of service delivered by them and the staff they manage working across service teams to recognise problems,
  • resolve these and ensure a quality provision having a sound understanding of the processes and approaches to be applied to ensure equity and consistency across their teams.

Leaders will be more aware of the implications of their decision for clients or patients, the service, themselves and the staff they manage, and be prepared to challenge where appropriate


  1. Understands the dynamics of groups and adapts personal style for best outcomes.
  2. Demonstrates confidence when working to resolve issues across wider groups or with more senior staff.
  3. Develops emotional intelligence, increasingly aware of unspoken issues and confident in surfacing these for discussion.
  4. Increasingly tackles more complex issues or decisions seeking positive outcomes.
  5. Has a deep understanding of service area and its priorities and increasingly understands where this sits in the wider organisation or longer term organisational plan.
  6. Develops skills to identify improvement opportunities and is confident tackling areas outwith immediate knowledge or comfort.
  7. Actively influences across and above current role.
  8. Delivers integrated services in the most efficient and effective way.

Current Development Provisions

Organisational or cross organisational Mentoring

GG&C frontline leadership competencies and aligned 360o Assessment

90 Minute Leadership Sessions

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National Programmes:

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For further information or guidance see or contact the Organisational Development function