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Leadership - Level 1

Leadership - Level 1 

Role / Accountability

Leader is primarily concerned with their own leadership practice and that of their immediate team which in some cases may operate in an integrated care setting with staff from different organisations. Typically, roles will:

  • involve building relationships with clients, patients and colleagues often working as part of a multi-disciplinary or project team
  • require an ability to recognise problems and be confident to work with others to solve them

Leaders at this level may supervise a Team or project and may contribute towards appraisal or development of staff but are unlikely to have managerial accountability. The impact of the decisions taken at this level will be limited in terms of risk.


  1. Understands the impact of own approach or style on others.
  2. Is comfortable dealing with sensitive issues or difficult conversations.
  3. Has the knowledge and skills to give and receive feedback effectively.
  4. Is confident tackling problems and making appropriate decisions.
  5. Actively supports the development of others, their own development.
  6. Sound skills to establish beneficial professional or learning networks.
  7. Has a good general knowledge of organisation and associated politics, remit and agenda of different areas.
  8. Has a sound understanding of own service area and its priories and deliverables.
  9. Has an understanding of improvement methods and tools and the ability to apply.
  10. Has strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  11. Has good influencing skills.
  12. Understands the cultural challenge that different organisational structures can bring.

Current Development Provisions

Ready to Lead Frontline Leadership Programme

Organisational or cross organisational Mentoring

Frontline competency profile

Aligned 360̊ Assessment

90 Minute Breakfast Sessions

Internal Coaching

Staffnet based Change and Improvement Tools and Resources

Staffnet based Leading Through Change podcasts

Strategic Influencing Podcasts, delivered session and articles

Resilience Toolkit

Resilient Leadership 1 day module for managers


National provisions:

  • Dialogue Network
  • MDP Network

For further information or guidance see or contact the Organisational Development function