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Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.

Staff Flu Vaccination Programme 2020 - 2021

We care for you! We don’t want you to get flu

And there are lots of people you care about too...

To take into account COVID-19 guidelines, in particular social distancing, the way that we will be vaccinating staff has changed this year. There will be two routes: Staff in clinical areas will be vaccinated through the peer vaccination programme in their place of work. Non-clinical staff will be vaccinated by Occupational Health. This means we will not be holding the usual mass clinics.

All staff in clinical areas (except laboratory medicine) should get their flu vaccination by peer vaccination.  Ask your line manager what the arrangements are for your area.

All staff getting their flu vaccination should fill in the registration form BEFORE being vaccinated.

Staff in other areas such as IT, finance, facilities, laundry, decontamination unit, telecommunications, medical physics will still have the opportunity to be vaccinated.  Click here to find out how you can get your vaccination.

We're aiming to maximise the flu vaccination uptake and participation amongst all NHSGGC staff.

We need you to be a flu hero this winter and do everything you can to keep your patients, colleagues, family and friends safe. We can all work together to reduce flu risks for everyone.

To help make it possible for all NHSGGC staff to quickly and easily get their flu vaccination this year:

Please note: For those staff working from home, you will need to complete the following registration form here Registration Form . All other staff can access the form noted below.

Access the new staff flu registration form here. Read the registration user guide hereData from the Staff Flu system will be transferred to the Occupational Health Cohort IT system.  These records are entirely secure and only accessible to Occupational Health staff and to the individual member of staff.

  • Staff should use their NHSGGC Payroll number to register quickly for the flu vaccination this year.  Your payroll number can be found by asking your line manager or contacting payroll directly, at: [email protected] 
  • If you don’t know or have a NHSGGC Payroll number, register here (Only use this form if you do not have an NHS Payroll number or if you are unable to locate this information.)
  • We are recruiting more peer vaccinators this year to help improve access for staff located on acute sites or community settings as well as those who work shift rotations (registration form available here).
  • Following advice from the Chief Medical Officer the staff flu programme will be offering Flucelvax (QIVc) to all staff.  This is a very effective vaccine which does not pose a risk for egg allergy, licensed from 9 years of age.
  • Individuals who are 65 years and older and those who are 17 years and younger in a clinical 'at-risk' group might be offered a different vaccine (aTIV or Fluenz nasal spray) by their GP or HSCP clinic.
  • If an individual feels it is important that they receive aTIV or Fluenz rather than Flucelvax they should seek vaccination from their GP or appropriate HSCP clinic.
  • Occupational health will continue to offer appointments to staff who have underlying health issues who do not feel comfortable attending a peer immunisation session or the OH appointment only sessions for non-clinical staff. All appointments will take place at in the occupational health department at the West Glasgow ACH. An appointment can be arranged on 0141 201 0626.


    You can infect others simply by breathing? You don’t have to cough or sneeze to spread the virus, it can spread from water vapour, every time you breathe.

    Bee a flu hero. Don’t infect. Protect.