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Staff Flu Vaccination Programme 2019-2020

We care for you! We don’t want you to get flu

And there are lots of people you care about too...

This year we're aiming to maximise the flu vaccination uptake and participation amongst all NHSGGC staff.

We need you to be a flu hero this winter and do everything you can to keep your patients, colleagues, family and friends safe. We can all work together to reduce flu risks for everyone.

To help make it possible for all NHSGGC staff to quickly and easily get their flu vaccination this year:

  • We’ll provide the most effective vaccine possible.
  • Students and any staff 17 years old or younger should contact Occupational Health to arrange for their flu vaccination as this year there is a different, licensed vaccine to that for staff and students 18 and older. Peer Vaccinators should also be aware to either administer the Sanofi to those students they know are 17 years or younger, or defer them to Occupational Health.

Staff vaccinations so far this year...


Staff flu vaccination programme

Board-wide Services

Staff flu vaccination programme


Staff flu vaccination programme

You can infect others simply by breathing? You don’t have to cough or sneeze to spread the virus, it can spread from water vapour, every time you breathe.

Bee a flu hero. Don’t infect. Protect