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Peer Immunisation / Registration Form

Be a flu hero and help protect your colleagues patients, family and friends against flu.

We need your help. Once again we’re looking for volunteers to join the cohort of peers we have across NHSGGC to ensure all our staff are vaccinated this year.

Who can become a peer immuniser?

Registered Health Care professionals that are listed and approved by legislation as able to operate under Patient Group directions and are currently registered. Peers must be able to administer an intramuscular injection and in the rare occasion be able to deal with anaphylaxis.

What’s involved in being a peer immuniser?

  • Peers must firstly register then activate an account.
  • Read and sign the PGD.
  • Complete the vaccine order form and return at least two weeks before the clinic.
  • Identify a suitable venue and have access to IT (a computer and in exceptional circumstances use hard copies).
  • Peers should have permission from the Ward or Department to hold a clinic and agree a suitable date and time.
  • Must ensure their department/ward fridge has capacity to store the vaccine and have adequate resources.
  • Peers should encourage colleagues to register online prior to the clinic date and promote.
  • Must ensure there is easy access to an adequate supply of adrenaline in case of emergency.

How do I register?

Registration is easy, simply complete the form below and the Public Health Protection Unit will provide you with all relevant information and documentation and answer any queries you may have.

Peer Immuniser Registration Form


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