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Turas Appraisal Implementation Update

Turas Appraisal Implementation Update

“Go Live” date Monday 2nd April 2018

Turas Appraisal, the replacement recording and monitoring system for e-KSF will go live on Monday 2nd April.  This update provides information about the go live date, what will be available to use from day one, what’s changed and how to access the new system.

We will be communicating key messages to all staff via Core Brief, Hot Topics and HR Connect over the next two weeks.

While the recording system is changing, the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) and the Development Review Process will not change.  Staff will continue to have regular KSF Reviews meetings with their reviewer at least once every 12 months with an agreed Personal Development Plan.

Important actions for NHSGGC staff from now to Monday 2nd April 2018 are:

KSF Reviewers and Reviewees

Download any PDP&R  documents from e-KSF (read only system) by 31st March 2018 if access to previous documents is required before early June 2018 when historical information will be available.

KSF Reviewers, Reviewees and Leads

Save the HR Connect - Turas Appraisal page as a favourite to access system updates and information on training, guidance and support

Learning and Education Team

Provision of guidance and help desk support for NHSGGC staff under Agenda for Change

using Turas Appraisal.  Board wide communications.

Learning and Education Team and Workforce Information Team

Will update Turas Appraisal with new starts, leavers and changes on a weekly basis


NHSGGC Staff (Agenda for Change)/ Reviewees

From Monday 2nd April 2018, check email inbox for message from NES re Turas Appraisal and log in for the first time to change password


From Monday 2nd April 2018, contact LE Support team to add any new staff onto your Turas Appraisal account.


Appendix 1 provides general information covering Turas Appraisal implementation as follows:

  1. NHSGGC Arrangements for Go Live date
  2. Accessing Turas Appraisal
  3. New starts
  4. What’s new
  5. What will follow – further developments
  6. Reports
  7. Training, guidance and support


Ishbel Whitters

Learning and e-Support Manager

22nd March 2018




Turas Appraisal Implementation Update 20th March 2018


 1.     Arrangements for Go Live date on Monday 2nd April 2018


  • Issue of Username and Password for staff with email addresses

All e-KSF users, who have an email address in their e-KSF account, will automatically be emailed a link to Turas Appraisal between 9.00am to 7.00pm on Monday 2nd April 2018. This email will include a user name and password which will enable users to access Turas Appraisal.  Communication will be sent NHS Scotland wide by surname alphabetical order between these times. 

(Note: Migrated email addresses were input to e-KSF by the user and in some cases this may be a personal email address and not a NHS GGC email address.)

1.2     Issue of Username and Password for staff without email addresses

The user name and password for those users without email addresses will be issued by the Learning and Education Support Team by contacting them via the helpdesk.

  • Staff action required for first log in session


On logging in for this first time, users will be prompted to change their user name and password to something personal to them. 


 2             Accessing Turas Appraisal


2.1       Creation of User accounts

User accounts created for Turas Appraisal will have the same manager, reviewer and KSF Post Outline that were linked to the account user on e-KSF as of 31st January 2018. 


2.2     Multiple NHS employments

Users with multiple employments, even if with another NHS Board, will only have one Turas Appraisal account.  When users log in to the system they will see all their employments on their home page


2.3       Legacy data

Legacy e-KSF data (previous PDP&R information) will not be available to view from Monday 2nd April 2018. NES have scheduled access for the end of May/beginning of June. 

Access to previous PDP&R documents to support review meetings, taking place before the end of May/beginning of June, can be downloaded from e-KSF as a PDF until midnight on 31st March 2018.


3     New starts, leavers and changes


  • Weekly exports from the Scottish Workforce Information Standard System (SWISS) to Turas Appraisal will continue in the same way as it did with e-KSF. Workforce information covering new starts, leavers and changes to pay band, department, organisational structure etc will be updated on a weekly basis.


 4      What’s new


4.1     Turas Appraisal

From Monday 2nd April 2018, NHSGGC KSF reviewers and reviewees will have a basic system that can be used to record:-

  • Discussion summary
  • Personal development plan
  • Objectives
  • KSF progress against the KSF post outline
  • Confirm and agree discussion (mandatory sign off by reviewee and reviewer)


4.2     Simplified language used for KSF Post Outlines

KSF outlines in Turas Appraisal will use simplified language making it easier for the reviewee and reviewer to understand.

  • Embedded resources

Guidance and support is available to system users from all pages in the system. Links to animated videos are available to support the development of an effective Personal Development Planning & Review meeting.


 5     What will follow?

5.1    Further developments

NES are continuing to develop Turas Appraisal and new features will be added as they become available including the facility to: 

  • Create new KSF Outlines (manager access)
  • Assign KSF Outlines to staff (manager access)
  • Access previous KSF Personal Development Plans and Reviews (staff access)


 6      Reports

6.1     Reporting

Nationally reports will not be available between 2nd April and end of June 2018. 

The report that will be available from June will focus on compliance rates but developments continue to enable reports to be run on all fields within Turas Appraisal including qualitative data.

Whilst we are hopeful of gaining access to the preliminary reporting from June 2018 it may not immediately facilitate the updating of the existing e-KSF compliance reporting available through MicroStrategy.  We will work with the national team to reinstate this report as soon as practically possible.


7      Training, guidance and support

7.1     Turas Appraisal Pages on HR Connect

A dedicated Turas Appraisal page is available on HR Connect with current information on the system implementation.  HR Connect - Turas Appraisal

7.2     Awareness sessions

While Turas Appraisal is an intuitive and easy to use system, Awareness Sessions will be available from mid April to the end of May to provide system demonstrations.  Details of dates, venues and booking arrangements will follow.

7.3     Learning and Education Support Helpdesk

The Learning and Education Support team will provide help and advice to users of the system.  This will cover:

  • User names and passwords and reset of
  • Navigation of system
  • Assigning staff to the appropriate manager
  • Assigning post outlines to staff in the interim of this being developed on the manager’s page
  • General queries


The Learning and Education Support Team is available via:

email at [email protected]

telephone 0141 278 2700 (12700 internally) option 3 for Learning and Education.