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COVID-19 (Coronavirus info)

Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.

All NHSGGC Staff

All current employees of NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, regardless of their role or job location, must successfully complete specific training at regular intervals to ensure their compliance with the Statutory and Mandatory training requirements agreed for all Board staff. Your Line Manager will support you in achieving these requirements through activities agreed as part of your PDP discussion.

Modules: The modules that all staff must be compliant with are noted below - 

Code        Title

GGC001  Fire Safety                              

GGC002  Health and Safety, An Introduction        

GGC003  Reducing Risks of Violence & Aggression                        

GGC004  Equality and Human Rights

GGC005  Manual Handling Theory

GGC006  Public Protection - (Adult Support & Protection and Child Protection)

GGC007  Standard Infection Control Precautions

GGC008  Security and Threat 

GGC009  Safe Information Handling (Information Governance)

Course descriptors and training information can be found here

Review period:   All staff must successfully complete the modules noted above every 3 years, with the exception of Fire Safety. All staff are now required to complete the General Awareness Fire Safety Training module annually. In addition to this, all Ward based staff must complete face to face evacuation training annually. 

Module access: You can access all of the above modules on our online learning platform, Learnpro. To do this, please log on to LearnPro using the following link: LearnPro login page

Certificates: Once you have successfully completed a module you will be able to produce a certificate from Learnpro. You can save this as a document for upload to a learning portfolio to support professional requirements such as CPD or revalidation.

Support: If you have any difficulty accessing Learnpro or a specific module, please contact LE Support on 0141 278 2700 and a member of our team will be pleased to help you. We have designed the modules to be easy and simple to use however if you would like some support to develop your computer skills to access these modules please contact Debbie Thompson, Core Skills Tutor

Monitoring:  Your compliance with the above modules will be monitored by the Board using a workforce information tool called MicroStratgey. Your Line Manager will be able to access reports for their area(s) of responsibility, highlighting what stage of compliance each member of their team is currently at. In order to ensure that the modules you have completed on Learnpro are included on compliance reports, you must check that your Identification Number on Learnpro is your current NHSGGC payroll number.  As part of a proactive programme of empowering staff to keep track of their own statutory and mandatory training progress, a monthly notification email has been designed for all staff which provides an easy and quick way to view the status of your training and will go amber when you have 3 months or fewer remaining for each of the topics.

Additional training: In addition to completing the Core Statutory and Mandatory Training modules required for all staff in NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, you may also be required to undertake Role Specific topics depending on your role.  Your Line Manager will advise you of any additional training requirements you may need to complete.

Last Updated: 13 December 2021