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COVID-19 (Coronavirus info)

Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.

Statutory and Mandatory Training

The Staff Governance Standard for NHS Scotland requires all NHS organisations to prioritise the personal health and well being of staff and patients in the delivery of services.  To ensure the provision of a continuously improving, safe and person centred working environment, all employees should undertake statutory and mandatory training appropriate to their role on entry to the organisation (Induction) and at regular intervals during their career.

What is defined as Statutory and Mandatory training?

Statutory is defined as training that is prescribed or authorised by a statue of law and it is compulsory for all employees at Induction and at appropriate intervals during employment.

Mandatory is defined as training which NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has identified for all employees as a requirement to support the safe delivery of services and for the safety and well being of individual members of staff and patients.  Mandatory training and education is deemed compulsory by the organisation and is commonly underpinned by statutory law, legislation, national guidance and recommendations.  This training is delivered at induction and at appropriate intervals during employment.

Essential (Role Specific) is defined as any training or education that is required for an employee to undertake to support the services they deliver in their job role, speciality or location.  Essential education requirements will be defined and monitored at a local level by senior managers/professional leads.  As with statutory and mandatory topics, essential training  once identified is compulsory and will be required at induction and at appropriate intervals during employment.


Organisational Performance Monitoring

Organisational Performance on statutory and mandatory training and education will be monitored using a dashboard located on the workforce information tool, Microstrategy. Senior Managers will be able to access Microstrategy to view the monthly performance position in detail for their service and extract data to develop local performance action plans for improvement or for specific reporting requirements. The information will be available for other monitoring and reporting requirements within the Board.

Managers receive a monthly HR Notification email to alert compliance progress for their team of direct reports.

Staff receive a monthly HR Notification email if they require to be alerted on personal action to complete statutory and mandatory training and education.

Guidance on Statutory and Mandatory Training for all staff is available here.

Last Updated: 04 March 2022