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Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQ)

Explanation of Levels

Information regarding the Scottish Vocational Qualifications titling change

How the SVQ Process Works

What NHSGGC can offer

Apply for an SVQ


Our purpose is to provide direction and focus for the development of qualification and vocational training frameworks across Greater Glasgow and Clyde. As you might expect in an organisation as large as NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde a wide range of learning and education opportunities are available.

It is our job to:

  • Identify and manage the qualification activity within Greater Glasgow and Clyde ensuring that appropriate linkages are made across disciplines and functions.
  • Work with internal and external partners to develop and provide individual qualification pathways which will address service learning needs and create new opportunities for groups of employees and individuals.
  • Develop knowledge and expertise in the principles and applications of national frameworks such as the KSF, SCQF and the NHS Career Framework ensuring that Greater Glasgow and Clyde is able to exploit the full potential of such developments.
  • To lead and manage the provision of Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) in Greater Glasgow and Clyde ensuring robust processes are in place to successfully offer a wide range of vocational qualifications to our employees.


SVQs are offered across 5 levels:

The Scottish Credit Qualifications Framework (SCQF) has been developed to help Employers and Learners understand how qualifications relate to each other and to other forms of learning. SQA has developed an interactive framework to visualise this. A full explanation of all qualifications are shown on the SCQF Framework.

Level 2 (SCQF Level 5/6)

For a level 2 SVQ, candidates have to be able to show that they are competent in a range of varied activities, in a variety of contexts.

Some of the activities will be complex, and the person will have some individual responsibility or autonomy. The job may also involve collaboration with others, perhaps through membership of a work group or team.

Level 3 (SCQF Level 7)

At this level, candidates have to perform a broad range of activities in a variety of contexts, most of which are complex and non-routine.

They will usually be working with considerable responsibility and autonomy, and may have control or guidance of others.

Level 4 (SCQF Level 9)

Level 4 SVQs involve a broad range of complex, technical or professional work activities. They will be performed in a wide variety of contexts and with a substantial degree of personal responsibility and autonomy. People doing these SVQs will often be responsible for the work of others and for allocating resources.

 Here is the link to the SCQF Interactive Framework


How does the SVQ Process work?

The decision to apply to undertake a vocational learning programme may be identified for staff either by the individual or by Service Managers.

This may be as a result of one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Links to Service Needs, Redesign or Workforce Plans
  2. Identified at PDP Review
  3. Other e.g. (Role Development)

In all cases PDPs should indicate the required learning need.

Informal discussions may be required to determine the correct SVQ award & level. Application forms are then completed and forwarded to the SVQ Centre. Further discussions may be required with Managers regarding delivery options and possible funding implications/cost. Assessment is generally provided internally (using assessors from within the organisation) or in some cases externally (using assessors contracted to an FE college or external provider). The NHS GGC SVQ Centre has a limited resource and can offer a number of SVQ programmes annually which will be funded corporately, assessed and quality assured directly from the Centre. Intakes will take place around September and March of each year. Priority will be given to the applications depending on the need for staff to undertake a vocational qualification.

The SVQ Centre manages the Vocational Learning provision for NHS GGC, including quality assurance, any relevant internal verification and appropriate administration.

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) may require to be drawn up between the service area and the SVQ Centre. This agreement will confirm how the required underpinning Knowledge and Understanding for candidates will be met.

Introductory workshops/planning sessions for candidates will be arranged. This will include training on the e-portfolio system ‘Proof Positive’ if necessary.

These sessions will be followed by individual tutorials arranged with the candidate and the assessor.

Candidate gathers and produces a folder of evidence (electronic or paper based).

Assessor judges and assesses candidate competence against the standards and advises on how to cover gaps.

Assessor accredits SVQ units individually until full SVQ achieved.

Certificate is then issued by awarding body.


NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde SVQ Centre has approval to offer various S/NVQs across these areas:

  • HealthCare Support
  • Business and Administration
  • Learning and Development
  • Social Services and Healthcare Management 

Update to Management SVQs

Due to operational reasons the SVQ Team have taken the decision to temporarily withdraw the Management SVQs from our portfolio of Qualifications.  As soon as we are in a position to deliver this qualification we will update this site.  If you have any question regarding this, please contact Brian Keogh, Senior Learning & Education Advisor either by email ([email protected]) or mobile (07834228569).

Further information on above.


Applying for an SVQ

Thank you for your interest in applying for an SVQ. Please complete section one of the application form. All questions MUST be completed. Once you reach the end of this section you should click the save and continue later button. This will now ask you to enter an email address, enter your line managers email address. This will email your completed application directly to your line manager. Please inform your line manager that they MUST complete all of section two on the application form and click the submit button. Once both sections are fully completed your application will be held on our waiting list and once an assessor becomes available they will contact you directly to arrange an induction workshop. If you have an queries regarding your application please contact: L&E Support and Advice | Tel: 0141 278 2700 (Ext. 12700) | Email: [email protected]

Download an Application

Further guidance for Managers

If you have identified that SVQs may be useful as a development tool within your area please contact the SVQ Centre on 0141 278 2700 and choose option 3 for guidance as to how to proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions 




Last Updated: 02 March 2022