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Guidance for Managers and Reviewers

An important part of the PDP&R process is the conversation between reviewer and reviewee. The annual review provides an opportunity to build on the regular conversations that you have with your team throughout the year.

This page provides you with support and guidance on how to prepare for and conduct your review.  


Development Review Cycle:

The development review process can be shown in the form of a Development Review Cycle which provides a guide for the conversations you should be having with your staff.  



The Meaningful Conversation:

Listed below are some ideal conditions for effective conversations:

  • A culture of trust and openness
  • People managers who are appropriately skilled, for example in asking good questions and active listening
  • Employees who are receptive, prepared to align with business objectives, learn and take responsibility for their performance.

Having regular conversations with your staff, ensuring you are equipped with the relevant skills, being prepared for review and guiding your staff on how to prepare for your review, can help you to achieve these conditions.

Further specific factors for constructive reviews include:

  • a clear purpose – to inform management decisions or employee development
  • recognition of achievements
  • genuine two-way conversation and reflection
  • the whole period is reviewed, not just recent or isolated events
  • agreed action plans.

(CIPD. 2017. Performance Appraisal | Factsheets | CIPD. [ONLINE])


The dedicated KSF - Home website includes two short videos provided for you below, one for staff on what to expect and how to prepare for annual review meeting and one for reviewers on how to prepare for and conduct a review meeting. In addition to the videos the website offers a wide range of resources that will support you and your reviewee during your conversation.

PDPR Reviewer Video

PDPR Reviewee Video 


Remember the review is one of the most important discussions you will have with your staff all year, so:

  • Invest time in preparing for the review
  • Book a room in advance that is free from distractions
  • When sending staff an invitation to attend, ensure you have allowed time for them to prepare for the review.
  • Guide staff on how to prepare for the review.  The PDPR_Reviewee Video will help them to do this. Please share this with your staff.
  • Record your conversation and agreed PDP activities on eKSF until Turas Appraisal is available.  For updates and information please regularly visit the Introduction of Turas Appraisal page.


Instructor Led Course: 

Developing Your Staff - Meaningful Reviews

Supporting the development of your staff is an essential part of your role.  It ensures that your team members develop their competence and confidence in order to provide the best possible service.  This module explores underpinning values and tools and techniques to support continuing development.

To view module details and book a place please click here (Here).


Some useful guidance and resources:

You will find a variety of courses to help develop your skills within the Learning, Education and Training Catalogue

Please visit the Staff Bursary Scheme page for support on what to do if your staff are interested in submitting a bursary application for funding an external course.