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Personal Development Planning and Review

Welcome to the Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) and Personal Development Planning and Review (PDP&R) Resource.  KSF is a broad framework which supports a fair and consistent approach to PDP&R.  KSF applies to all staff who are employed under Agenda for Change (AFC) terms and conditions.  It is a useful tool to identify the knowledge, skills and learning and development that staff need to do their job well.  These PDP&R pages will provide guidance and resources for Managers, Reviewers and Reviewees on KSF and PDP&R process.


Some useful guidance and resources:

  • A KSF PDP&R e-learning module is available on LearnPro  The module provides background and information on the KSF Framework.
  • The dedicated NHS Scotland KSF - Home website includes all you need to know about KSF and the development review process. It includes two animated videos (approx 5 minutes each), one for staff on how to plan and prepare for their annual review meeting and one for reviewers on how to prepare for and conduct a review meeting ensuring that a focused and meaningful conversation takes place. 
  • Understanding KSF Dimensions - the KSF is a very wide framework as it has to cover all of the roles and functions of the different staff groups in the NHS. Six of dimensions apply to all AfC posts in the NHS. These are the Core Dimensions. In 2014 over 400 staff across NHS Scotland took part in group discussions to talk about their views on using the KSF to support their PDP&R discussions.The re-worded dimensions have the same titles and levels but are easier to understand. They replace the need for indicators and examples of application. The new wording is now available here to support staff in their PDP&R discussions.
  • The Knowledge Network website hosts some videos of staff sharing their experiences of KSF PDP&R.  There is a workbook to accompany these videos. To access these resources click on Learning and CPD tab, select Develop your Career, then Personal Development Planning and Review.