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Digital Content Creation and Development

Digital Content Creation and Development

Digital learning module development and review in partnership with NHS GGC internal Subject Matter Specialists

Digital learning modules are developed as an additional or alternative delivery format to support key organisational learning. 

At the current time we are only able to support the development of modules that have been agreed as mandatory.

If the request asks for the module to be mandatory for all NHS GGC staff, it must be mandated by all NHSGGC Directors via the Statutory and Mandatory Training Governance Group.

If the request is for a module to be mandatory for a defined group of staff, the appropriate Director(s) for this group must mandate this development.

The time scale for mandates must be factored into the overall development timeline for the module.

If you wish to discuss the development of a mandatory training module, please contact Moira Macdonald, Learning and Education Manager email: [email protected]