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Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.

Respiratory Protection (FFP3 Masks)


The Organisational Covid-19 Risk Assessment is available here and should be adapted for local use - Updated October 2020


FFP3 Masks

The need for FFP3 Mask (oral nasal disposable mask respiratory protection) to be worn is identified through clinical risk assessment. The mask is used to protect against respiratory borne pathogens. To use these masks, relevant staff must be ‘face fit tested’ to ensure that they can achieve a suitable face fit of the mask and that it operates at the required efficiency.

The following documentation is used specifically in relation to face fit testing

A list of current FFP3 mask fitters as of 2nd June 2020 is available here (only accessible to staff on NHS network).



Prior to the onset of Covid-19, NHSGGC fit tested to 3 masks - Alpha Solway 3030V and S-3V; and, the 3M 1863+. In early March 2020, significant challenges to worldwide supplies of FFP3 disposable masks occurred and as a result a number of different FFP3 masks were sourced and introduced. The following document gives an overview of the masks that have been issued by procurement during this period for face fit testing against:

Changes to mask availability due to the above, is likely to continue to occur during the next few months of 2020 and as such the Face Fit Test flow chart below identifying which masks should be fit tested against and are available, will be updated regularly


Fit Test Recording Process

  • At the point of fit test, the fit tester will complete an eForm available here
  • Guidance for completing the eForm is available here
  • On completing the fit test, the record will be emailed to both the testee and the tester for reference and record keeping 
  • Fit test records will be uploaded on a regular basis to eESS OLM. The record can be found within a course entitled 'PPE - FFP3 Mask' in the Health and Safety category and viewed by both the testee and their direct line manager.


Guidance Documents

Guidance for donning and fit checking an FFP3 mask is provided below:

Last Updated: 19 October 2020