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Satisifed customers

You can read comments below from some of our mums and partners, plus you'll soon be able to have a look at our gallery of happy, healthy, bouncing new arrivals!

"I gave birth to my son at the Vale of Leven CMU. I had a very pleasant experience. The midwives were fantastic and very helpful. I thought it was a  very clean and relaxed environment."

"What can I say? I birthed my son at the Vale and what a relaxing, tranquil, even magical experience it was, one which will remain with me forever.  I believe all women should have the opportunity to experience this way of birthing. Thank you to all the staff from the bottom of my heart."

"I gave birth for the second time, at the CMU.  I had my daughter in the birthing pool.  It was a fantastic experience, relaxing and calming. Yet again we received fantastic care. The midwives are wonderful, very caring and helpful, making your experience of giving birth as relaxing as possible.  The CMU itself is wonderful, a clean and relaxing environment, like a home from home.  Thank you to all the staff for their wonderful care."

"I gave birth to our second child here at the CMU.  What a difference to my first which was at the Queen Mum’s. There is no comparison! I was made to feel so special and was so well looked after I might not leave.  Thank you so much to all the midwives – you do such a good job here at the CMU and words cannot describe  how grateful I am for making the whole experience so stress free and magical. You do such good work."

"It was truly the most wonderful and fulfilling experience of our lives – and most if not all of it down to the professionalism and dedication of the staff.  I loved every minute of it and cannot sing the praises of the midwives highly enough.  The after birth care was wonderful – as good as it gets- and I was made to feel truly special. Long live the CMU! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts."

"I had my 3rd baby – a wee boy here and I’m so glad I came to the CMU.  I have been treated like royalty and it has made everything so much more special.  Everyone here really cares and we were so well looked after.  Thank you to all the midwives and staff for everything. I don’t know how I would have coped with you all."

"I gave birth to a gorgeous healthy boy.  Everything was special from the moment we came in till going home. The after care was special.  Thank you to all staff for everything."

"On the 4th Birthday of the CMU our baby arrived just after the party had finished – in the birthing pool.  My son was also born in the birthing pool here.  Yet again 1st class care and attention by all the staff."

"Having moved into the area with only 8 weeks to go I did worry about my care at the CMU.  I have no idea why I worried – the CMU is a relaxing and friendly place with excellent facilities.  The midwives that attended me throughout couldn’t have been more encouraging as our daughter arrived in the wee small hours.  Should I decide to expand our family again I would like to have my baby at the CMU – second to none."

Mother of Joshua: "I have never lived anywhere where the local midwifery unit is the team you rely on, I have only ever known maternity units that are medically based. When I became pregnant I knew straight away the CMU was where I wanted to have my baby. Many people tried to advise me often suggesting the bigger units. However I am so glad I stuck to my guns. My whole experience of the CMU has been fantastic. All the staff who have had an input into my care have been supportive and professional at all times.

The actual day I went into labour will always be a pleasant memory because of the amazing support I had over the phone from the midwives in the CMU. Their experience was invaluable and they gave reassurance and guidance which allowed me the confidence to stay at home as long as possible.

When I finally came into the CMU to have my baby the 2 midwives on that night were amazing. They kept me calm and had a big influence on the wonderful experience of labour I had. It was much less scary because of them and their kindness and invaluable experience.  It is something I will always treasure.

Joshua was born in a most relaxing environment and it was all down to the wonderful place they call the Vale if Leven CMU and the wonderful staff who work here.  Thank you all for the wonderful job you are doing and I hope you go on doing it for many years to come.  My husband and I will certainly be recommending the CMU to whoever we can."

Father of Joshua: "My wife has written her thoughts but I wanted to write mine down too.  I am GP working locally and during my training I have seen many deliveries. However I have never seen a delivery in a midwife led unit.  I must confess that I was really worried initially about our baby being born at the Vale. I asked myself the question what would happen if complication arose, because the nearest doctors were in the RAH in Paisley.  Many of my GP colleagues had the opinion that the safest place to have a baby was where doctors work.  I didn’t know where to go for the best, but as the delivery date approached I realized 3 things. 1) I have heard of lots of negative experience at other large maternity units 2) I have NEVER heard of a negative experience from the CMU at the Vale. 3) It seemed ridiculous not to use local services when everyone wants the Vale to stay open.

So we decided to stay with the CMU at the Vale and it was the BEST CHOICE we made.

The care of the midwives was OUTSTANDING!!!!!! They knew EXACTLY what they were doing, they were calm and filled with confidence that my wife and baby were safe all the time.

After Joshua was born we didn’t really know what we were doing! This was our first baby after all!! The midwives listened to our questions, explored our feelings and gave us the opportunity to make our own decisions after giving us the information.  I have seen first hand mothers panicking and midwives having no time to help.  I have also seen mothers pushed home because of bed shortages. The Vale is SO DIFFERENT.  I’ll be recommending the Vale to all my Patients. Thank You!!!"

"Sophie arrived into this world weighing 8lb 6oz. It turned out to not to be the labour I was expecting, in fact it was quite difficult one. However the midwives gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed to ensure I was able to have Sophie in the CMU. The after care has been fantastic as was the antenatal care. We would like to thank the midwives at the CMU for their care and attention."

Last Updated: 03 May 2017