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Other departments

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Services include:

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Multidisciplinary Clinics (Nurse and physiotherapist)
  • Dietician clinics
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Psychology Clinics
  • Gym Exercise Sessions
  • Fitness tests
  • Educational Sessions
  • Nurse home visit service
  • Basic Life Support Sessions for relatives/friends


Services include:

  • Electrocardiography (ECG) testing
  • Exercise tolerance testing
  • Device follow-up service
  • Palpitations service
  • Blood pressure monitoring and analysis
  • Permanent pacemaker implantations

The rapid access chest pain clinic will also be provided from this department.

Day Hospital

Services include:

  • Multidisciplinary assessment of referrals from Community (Daily)
  • Rehabilitation programme with attendance usually once or twice each week
  • Medical investigation and Treatment e.g. Bone arrow aspiration, Blood transfusions.
  • Multi-disciplinary team review of patients after ARDH discharge
  • Direct access for Social Services re Assessment for Institutional Care
  • Specialist interdisciplinary falls clinic
  • Specialist interdisciplinary movement disorder clinics

Day Surgery

Services include:

  • Minor and intermediate surgery under General Anaesthesia
  • Minor surgery under local /regional anaesthesia


The Dental Department will provide outpatient dental services for patients with special needs, including frail elderly patients and those with a physical disability.

Oral surgery patients currently attending the department will attend the oral surgery outpatient department at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.



  • Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
    • Upper GI endoscopy
    • Colonoscopy
    • Flexible/ rigid sigmoidoscopy
  • Gastrointestinal Physiology Laboratory
  • Assessments of Upper GI physiology, staging neoplastic disease, pelvic floor function
  • Rectal Bleeding Service
  • Treatment of anal/ recto conditions eg banding of haemorrhoids, resection of polyps
  • Bronchoscopy



  • CT
  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • Plain Film
  • Barium Enema
  • Mammography

Minor Injuries Unit

The Minor Injuries Unit will treat adults and children aged five and over for a range of minor injuries. 

Patients with serious injuries will be taken to the local A&E department.


Services include: 

  • General eye clinics
  • Specialist diabetic and laser clinics
  • Specialist corneal clinics
  • Specialist oculoplastic clinics
  • Shared care glaucoma clinics
  • Orthoptic & optometry clinics
  • Minor lid clinic
  • Preoperative assessment (adult only)
  • Ophthalmology day surgery will be provided for adults only. Children will receive their surgery at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children (Yorkhill).

Renal Dialysis

The renal dialysis unit will provide a regular outpatient haemodialysis service for adults. 

The Home Haemodialysis Service will also be based in the New Stobhill Hospital.

Renal outpatient clinics will be based in general outpatients. These will provide:

  • Examination and assessment of new and return nephrology patients from the Glasgow area.
  • Assessment of patients with End stage Renal Failure for suitability for kidney transplant.
  • Assessment of potential live donors for kidney transplantation.
  • Assessment of patients requiring vascular access for haemodialysis.
  • Assessment of patients requiring peritoneal dialysis for CAPD.


Occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, dietetics and podiatry are located together in the Therapies Department.