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Enhanced Recovery for Obstetric Surgery in Scotland

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Physiotherapy Specific EROSS Information

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Enhanced Recovery for Obstetric Surgery in Scotland



Enhanced Recovery for Obstetric Surgery in Scotland (EROSS) is a national patient-centred care pathway. The aim of EROSS is to improve patient recovery while ensuring a high standard of patient care.  


Please use the following links to view our EROSS - Planned Caesarean Section Video; information from the Midwife and EROSS - Planned Caesarean Section Video; Post Natal Physiotherapy Information 

Part of the Health Performance and Delivery Directorate at Scottish Government.


Physiotherapy Specific EROSS Information


As part of the EROSS pathway, we encourage you to mobilise from your bed roughly six to eight hours after your Caesarean Section.


Benefits of Early Mobilisation

  • Reduces risk of infection
  • Reduces risk of respiratory complication
  • Reduces risk of blood clots
  • Reduces length of stay in hospital
  • Enhances your recovery


Getting In and Out of Bed

To roll onto your side from lying on your back

  • Bend one knee up keeping your feet on the bed followed by the other
  • Gently tighten your tummy muscles and/or support your wound with your hand
  • Roll onto your side with lower arm tucked under your body
  • Place your legs over the side of the bed while pushing up with your arms


To get out of bed

  • Roll on your side as described as above
  • Push your body up by pushing down onto the mattress with your upper hand allowing your feet to go down to the floor
  • Sit on the side of the bed for a minute
  • Stand by pushing up with your hands and legs.



To get into bed

Stand with the back of the knees against the bed

  • Support your wound with one hand and put the other on the bed behind you
  • Bend forward as you sit
  • Lower your head and shoulders sideways on to the pillow while lifting your legs onto the bed
  • Keeping your knees bent, roll onto your back



Other Things to Consider


Circulation Exercises

To improve comfort and help circulation.

  1. Move your feet up and down
  2. Circle your ankles
  3. Gently bend and straighten your knees

Try each of these exercises approximately 10 times every half hour until you are up and about.


Wound Support

When coughing, sneezing or laughing

  1. Bend your knees
  2. Support your wound with hands or pillow
  3. Gently pull tummy muscles in
  4. Curl shoulders towards knees when possible



When standing and walking

  1. Avoid the temptation to stoop
  2. Try to stand up straight and gently pull your abdominal muscles in


Helpful Links  

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