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Healing Steps

There is innate healing capacity within each individual. Recognising and keying into this is a main aim of this course, as well as central to everything that takes place at Centre for Integrative Care.

This interactive, person-centred course is intended to help develop interest and insights in health and well-being and self-care, and to encourage different strategies that may optimise self-management and enhance life and healing. It is appropriate for those with long-term conditions who are curious and open to exploring aspects of health from a wider perspective.

Themes of the groups are developed in 2 and a half hour sessions (including half an hour break) weekly over 4 weeks: ‘Health and Well-being’, ‘Food as Medicine’, ‘Rhythms and Connection’ and ‘Feeling Well’. There is a further follow-up session ‘Review and Reflect’, usually six weeks later.

Discussion and peer support is facilitated and there is an opportunity to develop self-care and self-management strategies, practice some relaxation and breathing skills, and look at how long term ill health has affected you and how your healing capacities may be cultivated and enhanced, in a friendly and supportive environment.’